How and where to park in Seville

If you are one of those who likes the road and you travel by car to Seville, you will see that it is not really easy to find parking in the center of Seville. However, going by car will allow you to make excursions to the town and nearby natural spaces. In this article, we are going to tell you about the alternatives that exist to park in the center of Seville without worries to be able to visit this fantastic city.

Parking in the historic center of Seville can be a complicated process. Its narrow streets, innumerable pedestrian areas to walk around and regulated parking in several central streets make it even more complicated.

For this reason, we recommend that one of the best options if you intend to park in the center is to reserve a car park in Seville close to your destination, preferably before you arrive so that everything is easier, more comfortable and without surprises.

Where to park in Seville

Seville - Triana neighborhoodAs we have said before, Seville is a difficult city to park in the center and therefore, proper planning will be the most important thing to avoid surprises and stress. We can divide the historic center of the city into 3 comfortable areas where you can leave your car and experience the city:

  • Cathedral area and the Arenal neighborhood. Parking in this area will allow you to locate yourself at a key point to visit, the cathedral, the bullring, the arsenal or the Santa Cruz neighborhood. 5 minutes from the cathedral and under the Mercado del Arenal, one of the oldest markets in Seville, you will find a comfortable and cheap car park to leave your car.
  • Metropol Parasol area. Along with the so-called Mushrooms of Seville, one of the most curious monuments in the city, you also have several car parks available. They are located a few steps from the most commercial streets of Seville and in a few minutes you can also reach the historic center of the city.
  • Triana neighborhood. If we cross the Guadalquivir River we have one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city of Seville, the beautiful Barrio de Triana where you have numerous places of interest, pedestrian areas to walk around and countless bars to taste a delicious tapa. Under the Triana Market, you will find a car park where you can leave your car, it is comfortable and cheap.

Parking in one of the car parks in the center of Seville is undoubtedly the best option to get to know the city and avoid going around looking for a place to leave your car. Another option is to leave the car somewhere on the outskirts of the city and go to the center by public transport, but this option will waste more time. Of course, it is also the cheapest option.

The blue zone of Seville

As in most cities, Seville also has car parks regulated by parking meters or, as it is colloquially said, Zona Azul.

If you are going to park on the surface and you are in a regulated area, you must go to the nearest parking meter, enter your license plate and renew it from time to time depending on the area (Blue, Green or Sea) that you are in. However, a more convenient way to do all this is if you use Apparkya, the application to manage Seville’s blue zone that will allow you to manage the parking meter on your mobile from wherever you are without the need for travel or coins, making your stay more comfortable.

The zone of Seville regulated by parking meters is called GES (Surface Parking Management) and within it you will find 3 types of zones, the blue, the green and the MAR. The differences between the 3 zones are fundamentally in the price and in the maximum time that you can park in them.

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