What to do in Seville at Easter. The best plans to enjoy

Are you going to visit Seville at Easter? Surely you are wanting to know what to do and how to enjoy one of the most popular festivals in the Andalusian capital. And it is that Holy Week is lived in a special way in all the cities of Andalusia.

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of people and that sometimes you will have to arm yourself with patience. But the experience is worth it. Do not forget to look for hotel offers to stay and enjoy.

What to do in Seville at Easter

Enjoy the processions

Why would you never have imagined it? Well yes, surely you knew that it was the first thing we were going to write. And it is normal, because the Holy Week processions are the essence of this festival in Seville.

Every day there are processions in almost any place with their corresponding street closures and crowds, so it is convenient that you get the official program and organize yourself. Most of them are in the evening and the “ madrugá ” stands out above all, which is celebrated on the night of Thursday to Good Friday and lasts until well into the afternoon.

The processions are a real wonder that you will enjoy even if you are not religious.

Visit the Cathedral of Seville and climb the Giralda

Seville - CathedralThe queues will be long to enter, but it is worth waiting to get to see inside the Cathedral of Seville, the largest in Spain and enjoy a simply spectacular interior where the tomb of Christopher Columbus is located.

And you cannot enter the Cathedral of Seville without climbing its most famous monument, the Giralda. Do not worry because the ascent is not very hard since it is done through a ramp and not stairs. And from above the views of Seville are impressive. Something you should not miss.

The Metropol Parasol

Seville - Metropol ParasolAlso called Las Setas de la Encarnación, it is a very interesting place in the center of Seville, although you will surely be shocked by the contrast of the architecture of the old town with such a modern construction.

Going up to its terrace from which you have great views is a highly recommended option to do in Seville at Easter. Well, and at any time of the year.

As in any visit to Seville during Holy Week, arm yourself with patience for the queues to visit the Metropol Parasol. But it’s worth it.

Look for a hotel overlooking the streets where the processions pass

But do it with time, of course. And they are the first to end. Find out about the route of the processions (or brotherhoods as they are called in Seville).

I guess you know why we recommend this to you. Yes, to see the route of the procession from a privileged place. From a balcony. In Seville it is very common for people who live on the streets of the route to rent their balconies even for thousands of euros to people who want to see them from above.

And you can do it for the price of a hotel room.

Visit the churches of Seville

Seville - Salvador ChurchSeville is a city full of churches and religious temples. And at Easter it is almost obligatory to visit them and take a tour of them, since they dress in their best clothes and in some you can even admire the steps of the processions.

We have already told you about the Cathedral, the main one. But don’t miss the Iglesia del Salvador, in the Baroque style and located very close to the Plaza Nueva, or the Basilica of Jesús del Gran Poder, where the most revered Christ by Sevillians is kept.

The Chapel of the Mariners, in the Triana neighborhood, is another recommended place to visit in Seville during Holy Week.

Enjoy the Gualdaquivir River

The weather is usually very good in Seville almost all year round, with specific exceptions. And during Holy Week it is a very propitious time for this to be the case, although it is not uncommon for it to also rain with the corresponding tears of the brothers who could not take their steps.

From the Alamillo Park to the Seville Aquarium you will find parks, viewpoints, monuments and many other places to enjoy the Guadalquivir River. Also, visit both shores.

We also recommend you take a boat trip along the Guadalquivir and see the city from a different perspective.

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