Visits and excursions from Seville. which are the best

Although there is much to see in Seville, surely if you have already visited it more times or have enough days, you will want to get to know its surroundings and make an excursion to nearby places. Or even further away.

Near Seville we can make interesting visits without having to make long journeys, since the province of Seville has many very special corners. But there are also some that are further afield, and Andalusia is a region rich in history and heritage.

We tell you which are the best excursions to do from Seville. If you want you can hire one so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The best excursions from Seville. the closest

Ruins of Italica

Seville - Italica - AmphitheaterThe Ruins of Italica are probably the most popular excursion made by visitors to Seville as they are very close and the history behind these ruins is very interesting.

If you are a lover of Roman civilization, you should visit Italica and learn more about Roman life in this area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula. It is located just 7km from the city of Seville and is a highly recommended excursion.

Its Amphitheater is the most outstanding place but not the only one. That is why we invite you to discover this ancient Roman city.

If you want to get to know this place, we recommend you take this excursion to Itálica.

Carmona, Écija and the Sevillian Countryside

The Sevillian Countryside is a very extensive natural region located to the east of the city of Seville where we can find important natural, historical and artistic points of interest.

The main point is Carmona, one of the most characteristic towns in the area and in which the Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro stands out, today converted into a Parador de Turismo. It also preserves Roman remains, including an amphitheater.

Écija is another of the towns to highlight, especially for the white color of its houses, characteristic of the towns of Andalusia, although we also find numerous palaces and churches.

In the Sevillian countryside we also find other very interesting towns such as Osuna or Utrera, which you should not miss. You can get to know the area by doing this excursion to Carmona.

The North Sierra

The natural beauty of the north of the province of Seville, bordering with Extremadura, makes this place an essential visit. It is a Natural Park where you can enjoy its landscapes, its animals and make hiking trails discovering its beauty.

In addition, you can enjoy towns such as Cazalla de la Sierra, with interesting points such as the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Consolación.

Very close to this natural park is the Sierra de Aracena or the Minas de Riotinto, although they are in the province of Huelva. You can get to know these two places with this excursion.

Doñana National Park

But if what you are looking for is nature, without a doubt where you have to go is the Doñana National Park, located in the province of Huelva but about an hour from Seville.

In addition to enjoying the Guadalquivir Marshes, the interesting fauna of the park, its landscapes and the dunes, you can visit El Rocío or the Matalascañas Beaches.

In addition, the Doñana Park is a World Heritage Site and a must-see if you are near this area. If you don’t want to miss anything, we recommend this excursion to Doñana.

The best excursions from Seville. a little further


Cordoba - Roman BridgeThe beautiful city of Córdoba is located about 140km from Seville and its beauty makes it an ideal destination to visit from Seville. Although the best thing is that you spend a night in this city.

In Córdoba you can enjoy its spectacular Mosque-Cathedral and other monuments such as the Roman Bridge or the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, in addition to enjoying its streets, its old town, its gastronomy and everything you can find in Córdoba.

If you are in Seville you can take this excursion to Córdoba to get to know it. If you want to get to know this city in depth, book a night and visit our Cordoba guide.

Ronda and the white villages

Ronda, new bridgeRonda is one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Malaga. Its New Bridge, built over a gorge 100 meters deep, is an image you won’t forget.

In addition to visiting Ronda, we recommend you take a tour visiting the so-called “white towns”, which flood the provinces of Seville, Cádiz and Málaga, such as Zahara de la Sierra, with its streets built under the cliffs, or Grazalema, located in the area where it rains the most in Spain.

You can visit all these places by doing this excursion to Ronda and the white villages.

The south of Extremadura

Church of Candelaria de ZafraNot only can excursions to other places in Andalusia be made from Seville, but we can also visit some of the most beautiful places in the south of Extremadura.

Crossing the Sierra Norte, which we talked about above, we reach Extremadura and towns such as Zafra or Jerez de los Caballeros, very beautiful and where you can see the mix of Andalusian and Extremaduran customs in this area.

If you have more time you can go to Mérida, although we recommend that you spend a night in this city to enjoy its Roman monuments.

And other more distant Andalusian capitals?

Malaga - Views from the CastleThese cities have a lot to see and we believe that making a one-day visit from Seville is not ideal, as they have a lot to see and it is better to spend another visit. But, it could also be that it is your next destination after visiting Seville, and that is why we include them here.

Granada and Malaga are some of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. And you could also visit them from Seville.

Cádiz is closer and it is a more affordable visit to make from Seville. In addition, Gibraltar is relatively close and it is a very interesting place that you could get to know with this excursion. We also recommend this excursion to Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera.

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