Get to know Ribadesella and the beautiful Cave of Tito Bustillo

What to see in Ribadesella? It is an important council whose first settlers date from the Paleolithic, and an example of them is the Cueva de Tito Bustillo, but whose official foundation was in the 13th century.

The city of Ribadesella is located next to the Cantabrian Sea, which gives it an interesting marine air with its beaches and its port, and without forgetting the monuments and historical buildings that are in the town.

The Tito Bustillo Cave is one of the main places to see in Ribadesella, and it is really recommended.

What to see in Ribadesella

1. Old Town of Ribadesella

RibadesellaThe town of Ribadesella is divided in two by the River Sella, where the famous International Descent of the Sella is held every summer.

The Old Town of Ribadesella was declared a Historic-Artistic Site and is a must-see if you go to this area of ​​Asturias.

Among the buildings that stand out in its old town are the Town Hall, from the 16th century, the Casa Ardines, the mansions of Prieto-Posada, Collado and Familia Junco, all from the 18th century, the Church of Santa María Magdalena and the Chapel of the Virgin of the Guide.

In this area is where we find the highest concentration of shops, bars, restaurants and cider houses in Ribadesella. It is completely pedestrianized, so walking through these streets is a symbol of tranquility.

2. The beaches and the Port

Ribadesella - BeachOn the other side of the River Sella there is a more residential area and the main beach of the town, Playa de Santa Marina, 1 km long and where you can see some dinosaur footprints.

In addition, in Ribadesella there are other beaches that are well worth a visit.

Next to the port, which should also be visited, is the Paseo de la Grúa from which you can see beautiful views of Ribadesella and the famous Paneles de Mingote, ceramic murals that review the history of the town.

3. Visit the Tito Bustillo Cave

Tito Bustillo - VulvasIn Ribadesella is the Tito Bustillo Cave, which is actually several galleries that are 800 meters long.

On its walls we can find its great treasure: its paintings and engravings. These paintings are from different periods, the oldest being 25,000 years ago.

Among his paintings you can see all kinds of animals such as bison, horses or reindeer.

But the most famous are the so-called vulvas, representations of the female sex taking advantage of the cavities of the rocks, although there are also several references to the male sex.

The visit to the cave is very restricted for conservation reasons and it is best to book online to ensure a place.

The visits are guided in Spanish in groups of few people and the temperature and humidity inside is something to take into account to be suitably dressed. Bring warm clothes because it is 12ºC inside.

For more information you can read the official page of the Cueva de Tito Bustillo.

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