Enjoy Isla Mágica, the Theme Park of Seville

Isla Mágica is one of the theme parks that we can find in Spain and it is a very interesting place to enjoy during your visit to Seville.

It is located on the Isla de la Cartuja, taking advantage of part of the site that hosted the Universal Exhibition of 1992 and that placed Seville in the world.

The theme park is dedicated to the discovery of America and was opened in 1997.

The areas of Isla Mágica

Like all theme parks, Isla Mágica is also divided into zones, each one with a different setting with its attractions, shows and restaurants, but all related to an event, the Discovery of America. The zones are the following:

  • Seville - Magic IslandSeville, Port of the Indies. Seville was one of the most important ports of the 16th century. This area is represented by the port and commercial city of the time and in it we can see representations inEl Corral de las Comediasas if you were in Seville in the 16th century. Its entrance wall and the lake stand out and here we can find El Desafio, an attraction with a controlled fall of 60 meters.
  • Mayan world. As you can guess from the name, this area is dedicated to the Mayans and in it we can find volcanoes, pyramids and Mayan buildings. It is the area with the most vegetation on Isla Mágica and stands out for its waterfalls and the amount of water that floods the area.
  • Seville - Magic Island - AmazonGate of America. The place of entry to America. Here we can find theFort of San Felipe,a great recreation of the fortification of Cartagena de Indias where you can see interesting shows. You should not miss the multimedia show that takes place at night.
  • Amazon. The area of ​​Isla Mágica dedicated to the Amazon. In this place what predominates is the thick vegetation and the scarcity of buildings and human constructions. We can find cabins with indigenous people and the Mirador del Iguazú, from where we can contemplate one of the most popular aquatic attractions of Isla Mágica.
  • Seville - Magic Island - PiratesThe Pirates’ Lair. In the discovery of America could not miss the pirates. In this area, whichrepresents a pirate town,we can see a port where there is a frigate where action shows are performed. It is so well set that it is hardly visible from anywhere in the park, giving it that dark and hidden place where pirates lived.
  • The Fountain of Youth. This is the area of ​​Isla Mágica dedicated to children. You can see dragons, caves, animals, waterfalls and even a puppet theater. There are also some curious water games where the smallest of the family can enjoy.
  • Eldorado. The city of gold, the mysterious city. The most magical area of ​​the park but also the most secret.
  • The Metropolis of Spain. It is a futuristic city where audiovisual attractions are the predominant ones. In this area we can even find a four-dimensional cinema.

You can find more information on the official website of Isla Mágica.

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