El Parque del Capricho, the legacy of the Duchess of Osuna

Parque del Capricho is a park considered by many locals and visitors as the most beautiful park in Madrid.

This park has an area of ​​14 hectares and its origin dates back to 1787 when its construction began by order of the Duchess of Osuna, although the inauguration was in 1839, after 52 years of work and 5 years after the death of the Duchess.

The park was of great importance until it suffered a time of abandonment, in 1974 it became the property of the Madrid City Council, which reformed and modernized it.

What to see in the Parque del Capricho

Madrid - Caprice ParkThe Parque del Capricho is not in the tourist places of Madrid but in the Airport area.

If you have enough time, do not forget to visit it and combine the visit with the nearby Parque de Juan Carlos I, another beautiful park in the north of Madrid.

The nerve center of the Parque del Capricho is the Plaza de los Emperadores, named after the busts of the 12 Roman emperors that have existed there since the 19th century.

Also noteworthy in this square is a temple with four Ionic columns and various statues around it.

Madrid - Caprice ParkAmong the monumental places that we can find in this beautiful park are the Palace and Fountain of the Cypresses.

The fountain is from the 18th century and is crowned by several frogs, although its name comes from the dolphins attached to it.

The Palace located next to it is also from the 18th century and has a very beautiful façade which, on the other hand, is the only thing that remains of it.

Also noteworthy is the Templete de Bacchus, oval in shape and dedicated to the Greek god, although it was originally dedicated to Venus.

Other places to visit in Parque del Capricho

Madrid - Capricho Park - Iron BridgeAnother place of interest that you should not miss in the Parque del Capricho is the Swan Pond located in a remote area of ​​the park and therefore a very special place for its tranquility.

Also the Iron Bridge, which is used to cross the park’s estuary and which is also the oldest in Spain built in iron, the Lake, surrounded by centuries-old trees.

And the Monument to the III Duke of Osuna, located on an island in the center of the lake and which is a waterfall on which the monument is located.

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