What to see in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid and its famous fountain

Plaza de Cibeles is probably the best known square in Madrid and a main point in any visit to the city.

It is located in the heart of Madrid at the confluence of Paseo del Prado, Calle de Alcalá and Paseo de Recoletos and there we can find one of the 7 most beautiful fountains in Madrid.

In addition to its monuments, it is also known for the place where Real Madrid fans celebrate their triumphs, as well as the Spanish soccer team.

The Four Corners of Plaza de Cibeles

Madrid - Cibeles Square - PalaceThe Cibeles Square is dominated by the Cibeles Fountain.

But you must not stop admiring its four corners and the spectacular buildings that are found in it.

Undoubtedly, the main of these buildings is the Palacio de Cibeles, formerly called the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones for being the headquarters of the Post Office.

It currently houses the Madrid City Hall, a building that can also be visited from the inside with the possibility of accessing its terrace from where you have great views of the square and the surroundings.

The Banco de España building also deserves a special mention, a building that has been in this place since 1891 and is the headquarters of the body that supervises the banking system in Spain.

The other two buildings are less attractive than the previous two but they also deserve attention. They are the Palacio de Linares, which houses the Casa de América, and the Palacio de Buenavista, a building that is located between gardens so it is more difficult to see and that houses the Army General Headquarters.

Admire the Cibeles Fountain

Madrid - Cibeles FountainBut if there is something that stands out from the rest of the monuments in Plaza de Cibeles, it is its fountain.

The Cibeles Fountain is located in the center of the square looking towards Gran Vía and Puerta del Sol, although initially when it was installed it was in one of the corners facing Paseo del Prado.

The Cibeles Fountain was inaugurated in 1782 and was designed by the architect Ventura Rodríguez. In the fountain we can see the goddess Cibeles on a chariot that is pulled by two lions.

You can find more information about the Mirador and the Exhibitions on the official page of the Palacio de Cibeles.

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