What to visit in Sos del Rey Católico, a town with history

On the border between Navarra and Aragón we find one of the towns that appear in many of the lists of the most beautiful towns in Spain. We are talking about Sos del Rey Católico, in the province of Zaragoza, a town closely linked to the history of our country.

Founded in 938 with the name of Sos on a hill that made it a strategic point, it reached its greatest fame after 1452, when Fernando el Católico was born there after his mother, Juana Enríquez, moved there during the war between the kingdoms of Navarre and Aragon.

For this reason, the town is called Sos del Rey Católico and today it is the Capital of the Five Villas and a place you must visit.

What to see in Sos del Rey Catolico

The urban center of Sos del Rey Católico is perfectly preserved, so walking through its streets, some of them steep, is a trip to the past. A wonder in a town that will surprise you.

After passing through one of the gates of the beautiful wall of Sos del Rey Católico, depending on where you manage to park, you must go to the Casa Palacio de los Sada, where the Tourist Office and the birthplace of Fernando el Católico are located.

By the way, it is located on Calle Madrigal de las Altas Torres, a town where Isabel la Católica was born.

In the Palacio de los Sada you can visit a very interesting museum and interpretation center on Fernando el Católico. From there you can go to the Jewish Quarter, another of the jewels that Sos del Rey Católico encloses. Its main point of interest is the Plaza de la Sartén, which is reached through a labyrinthine network of narrow streets.

The next point of interest to visit in Sos del Rey Católico is the Plaza de la Villa, its nerve center with different places to visit. In the Plaza de la Villa we must highlight the Town Hall, located in a Renaissance building from the 16th century with the coat of arms of the town

In the same square is also the Colegio Isidoro Gil de Jaz, from the 18th century and which still continues to fulfill its initial function. Let’s not forget the portico where a weekly market was held during the Middle Ages or the Lonja, another of the special places in Sos del Rey Católico.

If we continue walking from the Plaza de la Villa we will arrive at the Church of San Esteban, which began to be built in the 11th century. From that time is the Crypt of Santa María del Perdón and in which we can find some spectacular Gothic mural paintings. Of the church we must highlight its Romanesque portal from the 12th century, the choir stalls and the baptismal font from the 8th century.

Next to the church is the Mirador de San Esteban from which you have beautiful views. Also not to be missed is the Statue of Luis García Berlanga, the film director behind La Vaquilla, a film that was shot in this town.

With this visit, which will not take you too long as Sos del Rey Católico is a very small town, you will have visited all the essential places in it.

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