What to see in Burgos in 2 days. A complete visit to the city of the Cid

It is a small city but there is much to see in Burgos, from its Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, to the narrow streets of its historic center as well as its surroundings.

If you want to visit Burgos in a weekend, here we are going to tell you what you can see in two days, enjoying leisurely a spectacular city that will make you fall in love and to which you will want to return as many times as necessary.

What to see in Burgos in two days

To get to know Burgos in 2 days and not waste time during your visit, we recommend that you do one of the following activities and guided excursions:

You can even take a free guided tour of Burgos with experts from the area so you don’t miss a thing.

First day in Burgos

What to see in Burgos in two days - Arco de Santa MaríaTo start seeing Burgos in two days, on the first day we will go to the Arco de Santa María, the gateway to the interior of the historic city and one of the city’s best-known monuments.

In the Arco de Santa María, which was the exit door of the Cid Campeador towards his exile, some very interesting exhibitions are held that you can enjoy before arriving at the Plaza del Rey San Fernando, from where we can admire the most important building to see in Burgos.

visit Burgos in 2 days - CathedralIt is the Cathedral of Burgos, a World Heritage Site, and spectacular both inside and out. In addition to its splendid façade, we can admire inside the Tomb of Cid and Jimena, the Flycatcher or the Chapel of the Condesables.

After visiting the Cathedral of Burgos we can continue our way to the east of the city admiring the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, right next to the Cathedral, or the Church of San Esteban located right at the foot of Burgos Castle.

The tour must continue through the most central streets of the city to the Plaza Mayor de Burgos, the nerve center and where the Town Hall is located. A good place to enjoy typical Burgos tapas.

Get to know Burgos in two days - Casa del CordonThe Church of San Lorenzo and the Casa del Cordón, the latter an essential visit, are the next destinations of our visit to Burgos in two days. It should be remembered that the Catholic Monarchs received Christopher Columbus at the Casa del Cordón on his return from his second trip to America.

The visit to Burgos on this first day will end with a leisurely walk along the Paseo del Espolón after admiring the Statue of El Cid in the Plaza del Mío Cid.

You can find more information about this first day in our article on what to see in Burgos in 1 day, since it completely coincides with what we describe in it.

What to see in Burgos on the second day

What to do in Burgos - Las Huelgas MonasteryWith the visits of the previous day you will have known the most important parts of the city but there are still other interesting places to visit in Burgos in two days.

The day can begin not far from the city center and very close to the Alarzón River, visiting the Monasterio de las Huelgas, a spectacular complex founded in 1187 by King Alfonso VIII.

In the Monastery of Las Huelgas, where the Cistercian nuns of San Bernardo live, we must highlight its church with its chapter house, the royal tombs, the cloisters or the Museum of Rich Medieval Fabrics. All this will make it worth approaching him. Nearby is the Parque de la Isla, where you can take the opportunity to relax.

visit Burgos - Human Evolution MuseumReturning to the city, leaving the river on the left, we reach another of the most interesting places to visit in Burgos, the Museum of Human Evolution, an essential visit, without a doubt.

In addition to being an architectural work of art, it is worth visiting to learn about the evolution of man, known thanks to the discoveries made in the Sierra de Atapuerca.

The next destination is the Cartuja de Miraflores, which you can reach by taking a long walk, or better by car. It is the residence of the Carthusian monks and in it we must highlight the front of the church, the paintings by Sorolla and Berruguete inside and the royal tombs.

All that remains is to enjoy this two-day visit to Burgos by returning to its Plaza Mayor and enjoying the bars and the atmosphere that surrounds it.

You can find more information on the official Burgos tourism page.

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