What to see in the Aquarium of Gijón. Practical information

If you are looking for an educational visit that is also fun, you have an appointment at the Gijón Aquarium. Since 2006, the Gijón Aquarium has offered you a guided tour that lasts approximately two hours where you can enjoy a wide variety of different fish.

In numerical terms, the Gijón Aquarium is impressive. It has nothing more and nothing less than more than 4,000 aquatic individuals, both vertebrates and invertebrates that make up more than 400 different species.

This tour takes you through 60 different aquariums, distributed between freshwater and saltwater where you can enjoy species from practically all regions of the world, being one of the best options to visit in Gijón.

What to see in the Gijón Aquarium

In the Gijón Aquarium we find an entire ecosystem of different fish that live in more than 2,000 cubic meters of water with the best of the Caribbean, the oceans, the Red Sea and, how could it be otherwise, the Cantabrian Coast among others.

One of the aspects that is worth highlighting especially in this aquarium in Gijón, is the didactic nature that it has.

In each of the aquariums we can find all the documented information that allows us to learn more about each of the species that inhabit them.

As if that were not enough, to encourage interaction with the little ones and be a benchmark for Gijón with children, they have a special area called “Toca toca”. This area allows the little ones (and the not so little ones) to touch some species such as sea urchins or starfish, among others, with their own hands, to feel the marine fauna a little better.

The variety of fish is overwhelming and, in addition to these, we can also enjoy sea turtles and penguins, since not all of its inhabitants live underwater. As for the species that stand out the most in this aquarium, it is worth mentioning its eight sharks that can measure up to 2 meters and that live with their young.

Asturias - Gijón - AquariumIn addition to these sharks, you can see lobsters, spider crabs and crabs in action and, as a curiosity, enjoy the monkfish, since it is the only aquarium in Spain that has this species.

The large number of fish that populate its fish tanks allow us to enjoy a very colorful aquarium thanks to its clown fish, rabbit fish or seahorses, among others. Without a doubt, the Gijón Aquarium is a place that can be enjoyed a large number of different times as if they were all the first time thanks to all its variety.

More than 2 million liters of water that recreate life in rivers and in the sea are waiting for you in Gijón along with 12 different ecosystems. Finally, it is also important to highlight that all the animals are well fed and that they have all the necessary care to provide them with optimal living conditions.

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