What to see in London. The best places to visit in the city

If you are going to visit the capital of the United Kingdom, here we show you everything there is to see in London, one of the most visited cities in the world.

You will be able to know everything you need about the monuments and places of interest in London, its parks and gardens and also its impressive museums.

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The main places of interest to see in London

1. Parliament and Big Ben

What to see in London - ParliamentThe London Parliament and Big Ben is possibly the first image of London that comes to mind. And it is the most famous building to see in London.

The Parliament of London can be visited and thus you will be able to know the House of Lords and the House of Commons, as well as many other dependencies.

It is also called the Palace of Westminster and the building that we can admire today is from the 19th century after the reconstruction of the old one that was destroyed in a fire.

You can take this guided tour of Parliament and Westminster Abbey to see the best of both monuments.

2.Westminster Abbey

London - Westminster AbbeyVery close to Parliament is Westminster Abbey, the oldest in the city and another of the essential places to see in London.

Westminster Abbey built in the Gothic style and this Anglican temple is famous for being the place of the coronations and burials of the monarchs of the United Kingdom. Inside you can see the Throne of Saint Edward, used to crown kings since the Middle Ages.

Visiting its interior is as important as admiring its facades and tall towers. Do not forget to visit the tombs inside, such as that of William Shakespeare or Isaac Newton.

3. Buckingham Palace

London - Buckingham PalaceWithout a doubt, Buckingham Palace is another of the essential places to visit in London, one of the most famous and that appears on all the postcards. It is the official residence of the British Royal Family and it is where the most important Changing of the Guard takes place in London.

Remember that if when you arrive at the palace you see the British Union Jack waving, the queen is not at home, but if on the contrary the flag is the royal standard, perhaps you could have five o’clock tea with her.

In addition, it is also possible to visit its interior in August and September. A visit of the best things to do in London.

4. The London Eye

Visit London - London EyeOne of the great attractions to visit in London. And you will see it when you see the long queues that form next to it to go around it for half an hour and admire the city from above.

From the Millennium Wheel, as it is also known, you can get great views of Parliament and Big Ben, which is the closest thing, but also other places further afield along the River Thames or to the north or south.

The London Eye spins very slowly, never stops and goes up and down as you go. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time.

5. Tower Bridge and the bridges over the Thames

London - Tower BridgeThe most famous bridge to see in London is Tower Bridge, the Tower Bridge, the one that appears on all the postcards and the most beautiful. Crossing it is a unique experience, especially for its upper walkway in a visit that will surprise you.

But Tower Bridge is not the only bridge that you can enjoy over the Thames. Nearby are London Bridge, one of the most emblematic, and the Millennium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge from which you also have great views.

But we also have the bridges of Blackfriars, Westminster and many more, each with its own special charm.

6. Tower of London

London - Tower of LondonNext to Tower Bridge we have the most famous fortress in the city, the Tower of London, another of the essential places to see in London.

It is located on the banks of the River Thames and you must visit it for its ravens, its beefeaters, the Crown Jewels and for all the mysteries and legends that hide behind the walls of one of the best-known prisons in the world.

Visiting the Tower of London is not an option in this city, it is an obligation.

To save yourself the queues you can buy tickets for the Tower of London here.

7. Piccadilly Circus and its surroundings

What to visit in London - Piccadilly CircusIf there is any area in London where you should walk both day and night, it is Picadilly Circus and its surroundings. In this famous square you will find the Statue of Eros and you will also be amazed by its emblematic illuminated signs.

And in Piccadilly Circus you will enjoy shops and restaurants of all kinds. And your environment. Nearby is Leicester Square and the West End, where cinemas and theaters fill the neighborhood.

From there starts the famous Regent Street, with its exclusive shops, until it reaches another of the most commercial streets in London, Oxford Street. An unforgettable area.

8. Covent Garden and Somerset House

London - Covent GardenNot far from Piccadilly Circus is one of the most touristic and beautiful neighborhoods to visit in London. The Covent Garden neighborhood whose nerve center is its Piazza, an old fruit and flower market where you can now find clothing, craft or souvenir shops and various restaurants.

In this place there is also the Royal Opera House, the London Film Museum and a short walk from Sommerset House, one of the most successful places in recent times.

Sommerset House is a historic building by the Thames that has been recently restored and where you can now visit different museums, exhibitions and restaurants.

9. Trafalgar Square and National Gallery

What to do in London - Trafalgar SquareWho has never seen an image of the Statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square? It is without a doubt the main square to visit in London and you will always find a special atmosphere in it.

In addition to the famous statue and the fountains that surround it, in Trafalgar Square we find one of the most important museums in the world, the National Gallery, which is also free, so you no longer have any excuse not to visit it.

In it we can find paintings by the most important painters in history such as Van Gogh, Velázquez, Raphael or Titian, among others.

In order not to miss anything, we recommend you take this guided tour of the National Gallery.

10. British Museum

London Museums - British MuseumSpeaking of museums, and London is a city with countless of them, we have to talk about the British Museum, the most important of all.

In a single room you can take a tour of more than 5,000 years of history thanks to its different collections that range from ancient Egypt, with the Rosetta Stone, to the collection of art stolen from the British Empire, such as the Parthenon friezes.

The neoclassical-style building is also a true work of art and close by is Tottenham Court Road, another of the main shopping streets to explore in London.

It’s a very large museum, so we recommend you take this guided tour of the British Museum.

11. The City of London

London - MonumentThe City is the oldest neighborhood in London, the place where it all began, the area where the Romans founded the city. And today the City is the most important financial center in Europe, full of offices, banks and the headquarters of the most important companies.

And we can also see very important points of interest such as the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange, The Monument, 52 churches (including St. Paul’s Cathedral) or the Tower of London.

And many skyscrapers, among which we must highlight The Gherkin or 20th Fenchurch St, known as the Walkie Talkie, at the top of which is the Sky Garden, one of the best viewpoints in London. And free.

12. St. Paul’s Cathedral

London - St. Paul's CathedralThe main monument of the City, if we can stand out one above the other, is St. Paul ‘s Cathedral, London’s Anglican cathedral, known for its immense dome.

Saint Paul ‘s Cathedral has witnessed important events in the history of Great Britain, such as the wedding of Charles and Diana, and the main attractions when visiting this baroque temple are its façade, the dome and the crypt.

The Cathedral of San Pablo offers us three galleries at different heights. In the Whispering Gallery it is possible to hear any sound coming from the other end of the dome.

To avoid queues, which are usually long, we recommend buying your ticket for St. Paul’s Cathedral here.

13. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

London - Shakespeare Globe TheaterOn the other side of the river, at the height of the City, we have a historic place, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, one of the most historic theaters in London since the best works of Shakespeare were performed there.

In this area we can also admire Southwark Cathedral, London’s Catholic cathedral, and Borough Market, where the smell will whet your appetite just by approaching. And The Shard, the tallest building in London, which you can also climb.

14. Kensington District

London - Victoria and Albert MuseumLocated in the west of the city, the Kensington neighborhood is one of the essential neighborhoods that you should visit in London. And there are numerous points of interest in it.

It is very important from a commercial point of view, since it is home to the famous Harrods department store, but also from a cultural point of view, since it is where we can visit the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Palace and different museums.

Among the museums, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum stand out, two of the main museums to see in London.

15.Hyde Park

London - Hyde ParkHyde Park is also located in this area. It is the main park in the city and walking through it is one of the best things to do in London.

It is a very extensive park with different points of interest, such as The Serpentine, which is its large lake where you can sail in a boat among swans and ducks, or Speaker’s Corner, where on Sundays any speaker can talk about whatever they like. win. Uncensored.

Hyde Park is the largest in the city with more than 140 hectares of extension and a lot of history under its trees. You cannot leave London without visiting this park.

16. St. James’s Park and Green Park

London - St James ParkSpeaking of parks and gardens, we could not miss the opportunity to mention these two, located next to Buckingham Palace.

St. James’s Park, the oldest in London and for us the most beautiful of all thanks to its lakes, animals and the plants that decorate it. Totally different is Green Park, without large lakes or sculpture but with green esplanades and many trees.

Nor should we forget Regent’s Park, located in North London, which is another of the best royal parks to see in London and is also one of the best known and loved by Londoners.

17. Markets and Flea Markets

London - Campden LockIn London there are almost as many markets and flea markets as there are neighbourhoods, each with its own special charm and each with its own history. We have already told you about Borough Market, but there are many more.

The most famous are Camden Town, essential if you are looking for alternative fashion, and Portobello Market, located in a very special neighborhood, Notting Hill.

But you have many more, such as Leadenhall Market, located in the City, or a little further away in Greenwich, where there are also several museums and the famous Observatory through which the world’s best-known Meridian passes.

You can find more information about what to see in London on the official London tourism page.

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