What to see in Burgos in one day. A walk through the land of the Cid Campeador

There is much to visit in Burgos, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, not only for its imposing Cathedral but also for all its artistic and cultural heritage, its historical legacy, its gastronomy and for everything there is to see in Burgos in one day.

Burgos is not just that city where it is always cold or where they have the best black pudding in the world.

It is a city that must be visited and here we tell you the most important things to know in Burgos in one day.

A walk with the best things to see in Burgos in 1 day

To get to know Burgos in one day and not waste time during your visit, we recommend that you do one of the following activities and guided excursions:

You can even take a free guided tour of Burgos with experts from the area so you don’t miss a thing.

1. The Arch of Santa Maria

What to see in Burgos in one day - Arco de Santa MaríaOur one-day visit to Burgos can begin at the Arco de Santa María, one of the best-known images of Burgos and located at the end of Puente de Santa María.

The Arch of Santa María was the exit door of the Cid Campeador towards his exile and although it was built between the 14th and 15th centuries, it was completely remodeled in the middle of the 16th century.

Its exterior is reminiscent of a triumphal arch and on its main façade its 6 statues stand out, arranged as an altarpiece, representing important figures for the city, among which Carlos V and El Cid stand out.

Its interior is also very interesting with various rooms where different exhibitions are held.

2. Burgos Cathedral

visit Burgos in one day - CathedralAfter crossing the Arch of Santa María, one of the 12 entrances that the city had, we suddenly come across the most famous monument in Burgos, its Cathedral.

It is a spectacular Gothic temple whose construction began in 1221.

The first thing we will see will be one of the lateral facades located in the Plaza del Rey San Fernando, a square that you should not stop admiring with its beautiful buildings and terraces.

Get to know Burgos in 1 day - Cathedral - Golden StaircaseBurgos Cathedral is a World Heritage Site and it is essential to visit it both inside and out.

From the outside of the Cathedral we do not need to tell you anything, for yourself you will discover its beautiful towers enclosing a gallery and a beautiful rose window under which we can find the Portal of Santa María.

Finally we enter the Cathedral and we can admire its interior with its innumerable chapels, among which the Constables chapel, the golden staircase, the tomb of El Cid and Jimena or the famous Flycatcher, which marks every hour on the dot by opening and closing the mouth while ringing the bell.

This spectacular place is the best thing to see in Burgos in one day, but there is still much more. In addition, you can get to know the ins and outs of the temple by doing this guided tour of the Cathedral of Burgos.

3. Visiting the surroundings of Burgos Cathedral

See Burgos - San Nicolas BariIf you think you have already seen the most important of Burgos, you are wrong. You still have a lot to see in Burgos.

And right next to the Cathedral you have a sample of it, the Church of San Nicolás de Bari

Perhaps its exterior does not attract much attention but its doors hide inside a spectacular altarpiece dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari himself.

From here we can walk east and visit the Arch of Fernán González but we recommend going north where the Palace of Castilfalé or the Church of San Esteban are located, located at the foot of the Castle, of which there is not much left standing but with an interesting museum where you can learn about the history of the monument. By the way, from its viewpoint you can have the best views of Burgos and its Cathedral.

4. The Plaza Mayor of Burgos

Burgos - Plaza MayorFrom there we can continue walking through the cobbled and historic streets of Burgos on our way to the Plaza Mayor.

The Plaza Mayor is the nerve center of the city and where the Burgos Town Hall is located.

The building was built in the 18th century and is surrounded by centuries-old arcaded houses in different colours.

The streets around the Plaza Mayor, which was the old Market Square, are perfect for tapas, shopping or eating in one of its many bars and restaurants.

5. The Casa del Cordón and its historical importance

Burgos - Cord HouseLeaving the Plaza Mayor, our next destination is the Church of San Lorenzo, one of the most beautiful in Burgos, built in the 17th century in a Baroque style and which was the seat of the Jesuits. Do not miss its main altarpiece.

Nearby we have another of the historic places of Burgos, the Palacio de los Condestables de Castilla, better known as Casa del Cordón.

It is an imposing 15th-century palace with neo-Gothic balconies that you will not be able to stop admiring. Its historical value is due to the fact that it was the place where the Catholic Monarchs received Christopher Columbus in 1497 after returning from his second trip to America.

But this was not the only important event in the lives of Isabel and Fernando, since Felipe el Hermoso, husband of Juana la Loca, his daughter, died here. And one of her children also got married.

6. The Plaza del Mío Cid and the Paseo del Espolón

Burgos - Cid StatueAt the end of the street we find another of the main squares of Burgos, the Plaza del Mío Cid, in the center of which is a spectacular statue dedicated to the most famous Burgos man mounted on his horse, cape blowing in the wind and with the Tizona sword pointing to the horizon.

By the way, the original sword can be admired in the Burgos Museum, located on the other side of the river and which you should visit if you want to know the history of the city in depth.

In the Plaza del Mío Cid begins the Paseo del Espolón where we will walk along the river meeting the Teatro Principal, the Provincial Palace and the Consulate of the Sea before arriving again at the Arco de Santa María, where our visit to Burgos began.

More days in Burgos? What to see in Burgos in 2 days

Burgos - Las Huelgas MonasteryIf you have more time to visit Burgos, the possibilities are endless.

We recommend you visit the Monastery of Las Huelgas, the Museum of Human Evolution or the Cartuja de Miraflores, essential places to see in Burgos.

Do not miss our article to get to know Burgos in 2 days.

You can find more information on the official Burgos tourism page.

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