What to do and what to see in Benidorm. much more than beach

Today we want to put an end to the myth that the tourist city of Benidorm is a boring place where only the elderly travel thanks to Imserso.

The large number of low-priced hotels in Benidorm favors this, but it is also a great leisure center for young people of any age.

And it should also be noted that in Benidorm we can find many more plans than going to the beach and partying. We also recommend this guided tour of Benidorm.

What to see in Benidorm

The Beaches of Benidorm

Benidorm - Levante BeachAlthough in Benidorm there is also the possibility of doing cultural tourism, its great attraction is the beaches, although it must be said that hotel occupancy is quite high at all times of the year.

In the city of Benidorm we can find 3 beaches, Levante, Poniente and Malpas.

Levante Beach is the one located in the eastern part of the city and its promenade can be considered the nerve center of Benidorm.

Along it there are shops and pubs that alternate with hotels and apartment blocks.

The beach, which is usually crowded in summer, is one of the best on the Valencian coast, with very fine sand where you can do all kinds of activities.

Poniente Beach, the one to the west, is less crowded than Levante Beach and is quite similar to it in terms of sand, depth of water and services, although there are not as many cafes, restaurants or pubs along the promenade, which makes the nights even more boring.

Both beaches are separated by the old part of Benidorm and its castle, located on top of a cliff.

At its feet is the third beach, very small but with great charm. It is the Playa de Malpas, much less crowded. In it you have to pay close attention to the currents that could take you to the rocks.

Places of interest in Benidorm

Benidorm - ViewpointThe busiest place, especially at night, is the Mirador de la Punta del Calfali, the place where the old castle was, of which a few remains remain today.

Still, people refer to this place as “El Castillo” and on summer nights it is a very busy place with artists, markets and a lot of atmosphere.

Next to it is the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, built in the 18th century and, although it has a very simple exterior, it is worth visiting. Around it is possible to find numerous restaurants, nightclubs and pubs that animate the city.

You also have the most commercial streets of Benidorm, especially Passeig de la Carretera and Plaza Triangular.

And if there is any typical place in Benidorm that cannot be missing from all the postcards, that is the Island of Benidorm, also called the Island of Journalists, and which is the great symbol of the city. Boat tours to the island are organized daily and there is a restaurant on the island. The Island of Benidorm also has a great ecological and environmental value.

Another important tourist and leisure point is the Terra Mítica theme park.

The Skyscrapers of Benidorm

Benidorm skyscrapersAnd if something could not be missing in Benidorm, it is its skyscrapers.

It currently has 27 buildings over 100 meters high, the tallest of all being Residencial In Tempo, 200 meters high, although it is not yet finished and is scheduled for completion in 2013.

Then comes the Gran Hotel Bali, 186 meters high.

Benidorm ‘s Skyline is one of its tourist attractions and surprises anyone who visits the city for the first time and sees it from afar as it approaches from the motorway.

History of Tourism in Benidorm

What to see in BenidormAlthough today in Benidorm great skyscrapers rise, Iberian and Roman remains have been found in this place, times from which the first settlers date.

Its beginnings as a tourist city were during the 19th century when the Virgen del Sufragio Spa was inaugurated, which was attended by the first tourists in Benidorm.

But the great growth took place in the middle of the 20th century, when it was decided to transform the city by creating large avenues, improving the beaches and constructing the first large buildings.

The construction of the Alicante Airport contributed to this tourist boom, to which foreign tourists arrived in search of the sun, the beach and Spanish gastronomy.

It is currently the city with the most skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world, surpassing even New York. And Benidorm is also one of the cities with the most hotels in Spain.

You can find more information on the official Benidorm tourism page.

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