What to see at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

If there is a universally known Spanish painter whose legacy, a large part of which we can see in the Picasso Museum, has reached more parts of the world, that is Pablo Picasso.

The painter, born in Malaga, is considered one of the most important figures of the 20th century and was the creator of Cubism.

He spent a large part of his life in Barcelona and here we can enjoy a large museum where more than 3,500 works are exhibited.

The Picasso Museum Collection

Barcelona - Picasso Museum - The DivanThe works that can be seen in the Picasso Museum are mostly from his youth.

The time that goes from the year 1890, when Picasso was just a 9-year-old boy, until 1917.

There are also some works after this year but they are very few.

The rooms of the museum are organized in chronological order starting with his beginnings and the paintings he painted as a child and when he lived in Malaga or La Coruña.

They are truly exceptional works and even more so considering how old Picasso was when he made them. The following rooms are dedicated to the works carried out when he was already training in schools in Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona - Picasso Museum - HarlequinThe following rooms are dedicated to the famous blue and pink periods, to the paintings painted during his stay in Paris where he came into contact with impressionism, and his return to Barcelona in 1917.

Of the later paintings, Las Meninas stands out above all, a series of 58 works inspired by Las Meninas by Velázquez.

In addition to Las Meninas, among the works that can be found in the Picasso Museum we can highlight Man with a beret, Portrait of Tía Pepa, El Diván, El Abrazo, la Mujer de la Cofia or Harlequín.

In addition to all these works in the permanent exhibition, we must also highlight the temporary exhibitions that are usually held and that revolve around the brilliant painter.

The buildings of the Picasso Museum

Barcelona - Picasso MuseumThe Picasso Museum is located in the Gothic Quarter, very close to the Cathedral of Santa María del Mar and a great area of ​​Barcelona to stay.

The Picasso Museum occupies 5 buildings with very similar architecture, typical of Catalan Gothic.

The Aguilar Palace, from the 12th century but with subsequent reforms, was the first building that housed the museum, to which the Barón de Castellet Palace, the Meca Palace, the Casa Mauri and the Finestres Palace were later added.

The buildings are quite beautiful, although having before you the great masterpieces of Picasso that are in them, you will not notice them.

You can find more information on the official website of the Picasso Museum.

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