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Travel Insurance in the United States

When traveling around the world we never think that anything bad is going to happen to us related to our health, so it is something that we do not give the least importance to, but hiring insurance can avoid many headaches.

If you travel through Europe, the European Health Card will get you out of these troubles, but in other countries any disease you have can be expensive, especially if you travel to the country with the most expensive healthcare in the world, the United States, that is why we recommend taking out insurance Travel.

medicine_and_StethoscopeTo give you an idea of ​​what an unforeseen event can cost you on a trip to the United States, just tell you that a medical consultation costs you at least $300. And for a medical consultation you can go for a simple gastroenteritis, something very common when traveling for a change of food or water, or for a sprain, something also common considering that the vast majority of the time on a trip of this type We’ll walk it.

And if what you are thinking is that if you have gastroenteritis, you do not need to go to the doctor and go to the pharmacy to buy a medicine, we also warn you that many of the medicines that are sold over the counter in Spain are mandatory there. prescription, so you must go through the doctor’s office.

We are only talking about common illnesses and small accidents, but the expenses would skyrocket to millions in the event that you have to undergo surgery, hospitalization or any other serious mishap. For example, an operation for appendicitis can cost you $24,000. We do not think about it and when we travel outside the European Union we always hire travel insurance. We consider it something as necessary as booking the hotel, the flight or the transfers from the airport.

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