Natural Paradises of Extremadura: The Jerte Valley

If there is any place in Extremadura that is famous throughout the world and that its images have reached more places, that is the Jerte Valley, one of the natural paradises that exist in the north of Extremadura.

Crossed by the Jerte River, which runs through the valley formed by two mountain ranges of the Sierra de Gredos, it is a place you must visit if you like to enjoy nature, landscapes and tranquility.

If you are staying in Cáceres, a good option is to take this excursion to Valle del Jerte from Cáceres.

What to do in the Jerte Valley

The towns to see in the Jerte Valley

valley headFour of the towns are located on the road that crosses the valley and starts from Plasencia.

Plasencia is a good place to start visiting that paradise.

The four towns are Navaconcejo, Jerte, Tornavacas and Cabezuela del Valle, the latter being the most interesting of them and the one where you can best find the typical architecture of the area.

From Tornavacas, from where you can get spectacular views of Jerte, thanks to the Puerto de Tornavacas, where there is a viewpoint, the end point of the Jerte Valley, since that is where the province of Ávila begins.

The rest of the towns are scattered on both sides and you have to go up narrow roads to them.

We recommend visiting Piornal, the highest town in Extremadura and where the Jarramplas is celebrated, a very famous festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. In addition, it is the usual way to leave the Valle del Jerte and start visiting another natural paradise in Extremadura: La Vera.

Another ascent by car that will leave you with unforgettable views is to the Port of Honduras that takes you to the Ambroz Valley.

Visit the Hells Gorge

the pylonsAmong the natural beauties of the Valle del Jerte we have the Garganta de los Infiernos.

It is a nature reserve and protected area made up of different waterfalls, waterfalls, streams and, above all, its natural pools carved into the rock.

These natural pools are known as Los Pilones and that is the best known place in the Garganta de los Infiernos.

To get to it you have to go to the town of Jerte and on the outskirts of the town you will find the signs that tell you that you have reached this beautiful place.

You can leave the car in the existing car park and start the route on foot that takes you between chestnut and oak trees to Los Pilones, leaving aside the El Manto de la Virgen waterfall, so called because it is frozen in winter.

The Cherry Trees of the Jerte Valley

Cherry BlossomWe have not yet talked about the most famous element of Valle del Jerte: cherries.

This fruit is the main engine of the region’s economy and thanks to it, it receives thousands of visitors every year.

Especially during the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is celebrated between March and April every year, with no set date because up to 10 days before, you never know when the cherry tree will be in bloom.

In this way, for 1 week different activities are held, each year in a different town, related to the cherry tree.

The views of the Jerte Valley covered by a white blanket thanks to the cherry blossoms are an unforgettable sight. We recommend going up to the highest villages from where you will have the best views.

Other places to see in the Jerte Valley

Jerte Valley - El Trampal LagoonsThe Jerte Valley has other exceptional places to visit and that you should not miss in addition to its towns and the Garganta de los Infiernos.

There are numerous well-signposted routes that can be done on foot, by horse or by bicycle.

One of them is the famous Ruta de Carlos V, which follows the same route that Emperor Carlos V took to his retirement at the Yuste Monastery.

A beautiful route that joins Jerte and La Vera in 27 km. Nor should you miss the numerous waterfalls and waterfalls that there are, for example the Cascada Nogales, which is reached by a path that leaves Navaconcejo, or the Cascada de Caozo, which can be reached by car, although it is quite complicated since there are no signs indicating it.

For this it is better to ask in Valdastillas where they will show you the way.

There are also other high mountain routes that will take you to La Covacha, where a Nativity scene is installed every Christmas, to the Lagunas de La Solana and El Trampal or the ascent to Calvitero, the highest peak in Extremadura.

Visit the Jerte Valley in autumn?

Autumn in the Jerte ValleyMost tourists visit the Jerte Valley in spring during the Cherry Blossom Festival, as it is the best known, or they visit it in summer to take advantage of the area’s charms in summer.

But visiting it in the fall is something that is gaining more and more followers.

In the same way that the spring festival is held, for a few years another festival has also been held in the fall, called the Otoñada.

And it is that in autumn, the brown, ocher and orange colors that intermingle to become a delight for the eyes.

You can find more information on the official Jerte Valley tourism page.

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