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The Republic of Poland is a country belonging to Europe and the European Union, whose capital is Warsaw. It is the 35th most populous country in the world (38.5 million people) and the 69th largest (312,696 km 2). Its human development index is very high (36th) and its official currency is the Polish zloty. And what language is spoken in Poland?

What language do they speak in Poland?

The only official language in Poland is Polish, a Slavic language.

However, according to the Act of January 6, 2005 on national and ethnic minorities and regional languages, 16 other languages ​​are officially recognized as minority languages: 1 regional language (Kashubian), 10 languages ​​of 9 national minorities (minorities that have their own independent status elsewhere) and 5 languages ​​of 4 ethnic minorities (members of minorities that do not have a separate status elsewhere).

The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are Ukrainian, Russian, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hindi. As for the languages ​​most learned as a second language, the order is: English (33%), Russian (26%) and German (19%).

Map of languages ​​and dialects in Poland

Apart from Polish, with 38.5 million speakers, many other languages ​​are also spoken at home. In order, the most common languages ​​with more than 10,000 household speakers are Silesian (530,000), Kashubian (108,000), English (104,000), German (97,000), Belarusian (26,000), Ukrainian (25,000), Russian (20,000).), Roma (14,000), French (11,000), and Italian (10,000).

map of dialects and languages ​​of poland

On the map it can be seen that several of these languages ​​come together in significant communities, as is the case of Silesian (Silesian), Kashubian (Kashubian), German (German), Lithuanian (Lihuanian), Belarusian (Belarusian) and Ukrainian (Ukrainian).).

The Polish language

Polish (polski) is the native language of 38.5 million inhabitants in Poland, a number that increases to 55 million if the whole world is taken into account, with a significant number in: Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. Other places with fewer native speakers of Polish are Latvia, Belarus, Sweden, Ireland and England.

The Kashubian language

Kashubian (kaszëbsczi) is officially recognized in the Kashubian region (in some Pomeranian counties). It is used in the home by approximately 108,000 Poles. Due to its closeness to Polish, some consider it a dialect.

map kashubian language poland official

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