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The Republic of Ivory Coast is a country belonging to Africa, whose capitals are Yamoussoukro (political) and Abidjan (economic). It has a population of 24 million inhabitants (54th) and an area of ​​322,463 km 2 (68th). Its human development index is low (170º) and its official currency is the West African CFA franc. And what language is spoken in the Ivory Coast?

What language do they speak in Ivory Coast?

Ivory Coast has one official language, French.

However, some 84 other languages ​​coexist in the country (75 of them indigenous), the most common being yulá (or diula), generally used in commerce and also by the Muslim population. It is spoken by 1.5 million inhabitants natively and 7 million as a second language (8.5 million in total).

Other common languages ​​are: in the southeast Baulé (3.5 million), anyi (1 million), attié (0.6 million); in the southwest the beté (0.5 million), we (0.5 million), dida (0.2 million); in the northwest the dan (1.3 million), guro (0.5 million); in the north the senari (0.9 million); in the northeast the kulango (0.1 million), lobi (0.3 million).

map of language groups in ivory coast

The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are Soninke (143,000), Bisa (63,000), and Eastern Karaboro (5,610).

The French language

French (français) is spoken by 70% of the population, a heritage from the French colonial era. It is the language taught in schools, and serves as the lingua franca throughout the country, a fact that makes the Ivory Coast one of the francophone countries with the highest percentage of francophones. In Abidjan, the economic capital, the vast majority of the population speaks French.

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