Ivory Coast

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    Ivory Coast language

    The Republic of Ivory Coast is a country belonging to Africa, whose capitals are Yamoussoukro (political) and Abidjan (economic). It has a population of 24 million inhabitants (54th) and an area of ​​322,463 km 2 (68th). Its human development index is low (170º) and its official currency is the West African CFA franc. And what language is spoken in the Ivory Coast? What language do they speak in Ivory Coast? Ivory Coast has one official language, French. However, some 84 other languages ​​coexist in the country (75 of them indigenous), the most common being yulá (or diula), generally used in…

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  • Traditions and customs of the Ivory Coast

    What customs and traditions are there in Ivory Coast? Explanation of the traditions and typical customs of the Ivory Coast (Africa). Food and economy Food in daily life In Côte d’Ivoire, grains such as millet, maize, and rice, and tubers such as yams and cassava make up the majority of meals. These staples are supplemented with legumes such as peas, beans, or peanuts, and smaller amounts of vegetables, oils, spices, and protein, usually meat or fish. The women prepare the grains by grinding them in large wooden bowls with long wooden pestles. For the most part, family meals are cooked…

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