How to visit the Guinness Storehouse, the temple of Irish beer

You cannot leave this city without visiting one of the essential places to see in Dublin. Whether you like beer or not, you must go to the Guinness Storehouse and learn about the history of Ireland ‘s most international beer and its brewing process.

The building where it is located was built in 1904 to carry out the fermentation of Guinness beer as well as its storage and since 2000 it can be visited on a beautiful guided tour that will surprise you.

As a curiosity, say that the harp is a trademark registered by Guinness but it is also a national symbol. For trademark rights, when used as a national symbol it is inverted.

The visit to the Guinness Storehouse

dublin-guinness-storehouseAs soon as you enter you can see the lease of the factory signed by Arthur Guinness in 1759.

It was signed for 9000 years so you have plenty of time to visit this factory if you haven’t already.

From there you get to know the 4 natural ingredients with which beer is made and which are water, hops, barley and yeast.

In this area we find a large pool of barley and an interesting journey is made through the process of making Guinness beer, learning how these 4 elements are combined and how technology has evolved.

dublin-guinness-storehouse-2The next section is dedicated to the transport and preservation of beer.

Here we can see the manufacturing process of the wooden barrels with which it is transported and how it has been taken to every corner of the world throughout history. The master coopers have their leading role here.

If we continue going up through this huge pint of beer we arrive at the Advertising Gallery where a review is made of the history of advertising that has promoted beer over the years.

We can get to know all its advertising campaigns as well as the characters that became an icon of the brand.

We continue ascending, and after an exhibition on the history of the building, they teach us how to throw a pint. It is not easy at all and if you succeed they give you a certificate that shows that you already know how to put on the perfect look.

The culmination of the visit is on the top floor, where the Gravity Bar is. There they invite you to a pint, which is included in the price of the visit.

Well, if you don’t like beer you can also have a soft drink. The best thing about the Gravity Bar is the view of the city of Dublin. Nothing better to accompany that pint than a 360 degree panorama accompanied by posters to know what you are seeing.

You can find more information on the official Guinness Storehouse page.

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