What to see in Dublin in 3 days. What to visit on your tour

Before last summer we valued the option of making a trip to Dublin that we finally couldn’t do.

However, we had already prepared an itinerary with everything important to see in Dublin for our trip that was going to have an expected duration of 3 days.

It must be said that Dublin is an ideal city to go on a weekend or as a stopover during a tour of the island of Ireland. With this three day tour we believe that the most important things in Dublin are covered.

A tour with the best things to see in Dublin in 3 days

What to see on the first day in Dublin

Dublin - Temple BarWe were going to arrive in Ireland in the early afternoon, so between arriving at the airport, leaving it and arriving at the hotel, we were going to have little time left in the day.

The best thing for the first day as soon as you arrive in Dublin and leave your bags at the hotel is to go to the most atmospheric neighborhood in the city, Temple Bar, where you will find numerous pubs, restaurants, bars and street musicians.

It is the area where you will surely find many students who have gone to Dublin to take an English course.

Of all the pubs, we recommend going for a pint of beer at Temple Bar, or Oliver St. John Gogarty, the most famous pubs in the neighborhood. If you just want to have a quiet dinner, the streets around Grafton Street are special for it.

What to do in Dublin on the second day

Dublin - Kilmainham GaolThe first destination for this day had to be Kilmainham Jail, for many the most interesting place in Dublin.

It is possible to do a guided tour in this place and the first one is at 10 am, so it is advisable to get up early to get to this first tour and have more time for the rest of the day in the city.

The next point may be the Guinness Storehouse, which is not far from there, and later the Christ Church Cathedral and the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral. These two temples are the most important in Dublin and you cannot leave the city without visiting them.

Dublin - St. Patrick's CathedralDublin is a city with many commercial areas, and for shopping there is nothing better than exploring Graffton Street, the Brown Thomas department store and St. Stephen Green Shopping Centre.

You can also visit Powerscourt Townhouse Center and George Street Arcade.

With all these visits we would have already fulfilled the entire “commercial tourism” quota, before knowing The Church, one of the most original pubs in Dublin and it is a converted church.

Third day in Dublin

Dublin - Trinity CollegeIn previous days we would have already visited the commercial areas, the publ areas and the religious temples.

Today it would be time to visit Trinity College, one of the oldest universities in the world. It is expensive to enter but they say it is worth the visit, especially for the Old Library.

After this visit, the best thing is to go to one of the most famous parks in Dublin, Merrion Square, and see the statue of Oscar Wilde, which is inside it, as well as its many palaces.

In this area there is also House Number 29, an 18th-century Georgian house where the life of an Irish bourgeois family is recreated. The tour is only conducted in English,

Not far away is the museum area. There is not much time to visit them all but the most important are the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Library and the National Museum of Archaeology.

You can choose one of them and visit it before leaving a city as beautiful as Dublin.

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