History of Montreal

Brief History of Montreal Summarized

A brief brushstroke of the history of Montreal, in a summarized way.

The beginnings of Montreal

In 1635 the French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived on the island of Montreal. Then, in 1642, a group of French settlers led by Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve went to Montreal. The new settlement flourished with the fur trade.

However, the first settlers met with hostility from the Iroquois until 1701, when a treaty was signed. Then in 1760 the British captured Montreal. By then it was a city of about 5,000 people. It would seem very small to us, but by the standards of the 18th century it was a city of respectable size.

Then, in November 1775, the Americans captured Montreal, but withdrew after 7 months. Meanwhile, Montreal flourished under British rule. The Bank of Montreal was founded in 1817 and in 1825 the Lachine Canal was opened. He overlooked the rapids of the river.

In 1832 Montreal was incorporated. However, that same year, 1832 Montreal suffered a cholera epidemic. In 1847 there was a typhus epidemic in the city.

However, during the 19th century the comforts in Montreal gradually improved. Starting in 1836 Montreal was lit with gas. The Montreal Police Department was formed in 1843. Then in 1847, Montreal was linked to Lachine by rail. Then, in 1852, Montreal suffered a disastrous fire. However, the city soon recovered.

In 1852 the population of Montreal was about 58,000 and was growing rapidly. By 1914 it had grown to about half a million. Christ Church Cathedral was built in 1859 and the Victoria Bridge was opened in 1860. Meanwhile, the Port of Montreal continued to prosper.

Contemporary Montreal

In the 1920s, during Prohibition in the United States, many Americans visited Montreal to have a good time and the city flourished. The Jacques Cartier Bridge was opened in 1930 and the Montreal Botanical Garden was founded in 1931. However, like the rest of the world, Montreal suffered during the Depression of the 1930s.

However, construction of Sun Life was completed in 1931 and the Atwater Market opened in 1933. Also, prosperity returned to Montreal with World War II. In 1951, the population of Montreal exceeded one million inhabitants.

Several notable buildings were built in Montreal in the 1960s, including Place Bonaventure. Meanwhile, the Place Versailles shopping center opened in 1963. In 1966 a metro system was inaugurated.

The International World Exposition was held in Montreal in 1967. Then, in 1976, the Olympic Games were held in Montreal. The Palais des congres de Montreal was built in 1983 and the World Trade Center opened in 1992.

Today Montreal is a prosperous city and a major port. Currently, the population of Montreal is 1.7 million inhabitants.

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