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Go to a show in New York. which ones to attend

New York is a huge city with a multitude of museums, monuments, streets, parks, squares and shops to see, but you can also attend one of the many shows that are usually offered in the city, from concerts to sporting or cultural events.

Here we are going to focus on three of the things that tourists do the most when visiting New York: attend a Broadway Musical, go to a Gospel Mass or have fun at a sports show.

What do you prefer to do?

Attend a Musical on Broadway

New York-BroadwayThis is, without a doubt, the favorite activity of visitors to New York.

There are three types of musicals in the city, those on Broadway, those off-Broadway and those off-off-Broadway, but the first, those found in the Theater District, on Broadway Street in the vicinity of Times Square they are the most famous.

If you want more information on how to buy tickets or receive some advice, you can visit our article dedicated to Broadway Musicals.

You can buy on sites like Hellotickets.

Go to a Gospel Mass

New York - Gospel MassAttending a Gospel Mass has recently become very popular among tourists, so much so that there are even excursions to attend them.

They take place in the churches of Harlem and many agencies will tell you that it is dangerous to go on your own, but the truth is that you can go perfectly without any problem, always keeping the usual security measures.

Masses take place on Sundays and tourists are always welcome, but you have to remember that these are real religious celebrations, so you always have to be respectful, dress suitably and sit at the back of the church to leave the faithful in the front rows.

Although admission is free, don’t forget to make a donation that will be well received. And keep in mind that they usually last 2 hours and that it is not mandatory to stay until the end, but when you decide to leave, do so discreetly and without interrupting the celebration.

sports shows

New York - BasketballIf you are a sports lover, and even if you are not, in New York you are in luck, because almost every day there is an event that you can attend and enjoy. Americans experience sports as a great party and sometimes enjoy what surrounds the sport more than the sport itself.

The most common is to go see a Yankees baseball game or a New York Knicks basketball game. The former are usually held almost every day and the schedules are also of all kinds.

In this case, you must remember that the stadium is in the Bronx, so if you decide to go it is better to do it during the day. If you go to basketball, the Knicks games are at Madison Square Garden and they are usually every 3 or 4 days.

You also have the possibility of going to an Ice Hockey game, American Football or if you go in September, the US Open tennis game.

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