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The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country belonging to Africa, whose capital is Cairo. It has a population of 95 million inhabitants (14th) and an area of ​​1,010,408 km 2 (29th). Its human development index is medium (115º) and its official currency is the Egyptian pound. But what language is spoken in Egypt?

What language do they speak in Egypt?

Egypt has only one official language, Arabic.

The most widely spoken languages ​​in Egypt are: Egyptian Arabic (68%), Saidi Arabic (29%), Bedawi Arabic (1.6%), Domari (0.3%), Nobiin (0.3%), Beya (0,1%).

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The most common immigrant languages ​​are Greek, Armenian, Italian, Amharic and Tigrinya.

In education, the most learned foreign languages ​​are English, French, German and Italian (in order of popularity).

The Arabic language

Egyptian Arabic (اللهجة المصرية) is the variety of Arabic spoken in Egypt (also known as Masri) and is spoken by 68% of the population as their first language. It originated in the Nile Delta (around Cairo), evolving from classical Arabic, a language that brought with it the Muslim conquest of Egypt. It replaced the Coptic language, but the Coptic language left strong influences on the Arabic that settled in Egypt. Later, the language has suffered slight influences from French, Italian, Greek, Turkish and English.

The Egyptian version of Arabic dominates in the Arab world, since Egypt has a very great importance in the media and in the education of Arabic. In the country, it is also the de facto ingua franca.

The English language

English (English ) is spoken by 35% of the population. It was expanded in the country in the British occupation, from 182 to 1952. It is the most popular language in education. Most road signs are written in Arabic and English, as are bills and coins. Also, the population uses more and more English words in their daily lives.

The French language

French (français) is estimated to be spoken by 8.5% of the population, most having learned it in school. It was the foreign language that dominated the country before the arrival of the British at the end of the 19th century, and was used as a lingua franca with foreigners (especially in Cairo). Its use prevailed until the 1920s.

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