Visit the temple of Philae, one of the most beautiful in Egypt

It is not one of the best known temples in Egypt. Almost no one who has not been there or is not a lover of the Egyptian world has heard of it, but the truth is that the Temple of Philae is one of the most beautiful in Egypt.

For us, in particular, it was the one we liked the most, even more than those of Abu Simbel, Luxor or Karnak.

Although it is not in its original location, it is much less artificial than Abu Simbel and it can be said that it is simply spectacular.

Visit Philae Temple

The transfer of the Philae Temple

This temple, which is located near the town of Aswan, is located on Agilkia Island, although it was initially located on Philae Island, which was submerged under water after the construction of the Aswan dam.

But like the temples of Abu Simbel, it could be saved by moving from one place to another.

But before being moved there were times when the water partially covered the temples and that is why you can see the water marks on its walls and columns.

Of course, unlike the temples of Abu Simbel, this one seems less “artificial”.

What to see at Philae Temple

trajan's pavilionPhilae Temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis, goddess of fertility and the most revered goddess in ancient Egyptian history.

And without a doubt it is one of the best preserved temples that exist.

In any case, it is not possible to speak of this monument as a single temple since it is actually a group of buildings that were erected over time and dedicated to different uses and divinities.

Egypt - Philae TempleAmong the highlights of the Temple of Philae is the colonnade that belonged to the dromos and leads to the Ptolemy Gate, a great masterpiece.

Inside is the hall of Nectanebo I, the courtyard with the mammisi, and the temples dedicated to Hathor and Isis.

Another notable point on the island, although it is separated from the main temple, is the Pavilion of Trajan, built by the Romans and used to worship the Egyptian gods when they conquered the area.

And also, the way to the island where the Temple of Philae is located is spectacular. The boat that takes you there will take you through one of the most beautiful places in Cairo.

How to get to Philae Temple

To get to Philae Temple you need a boat. Although you usually go to Egypt on organized excursions, if you want to go here on your own you won’t have any problem since you can go to the pier by taxi and there take the boat that will take you to the temples. It is worth highlighting the light and sound shows that are held here.

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