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    Nepali language

    The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a country belonging to Asia, whose capital is Kathmandu. It has a population of 28 million inhabitants (49º) and its extension is 147,516 km2 (93º). Its human development index is medium (147th) and its official currency is the Nepalese rupee. But what language is spoken in Nepal? What language do they speak in Nepal? Nepal has one official language, Nepali. However, its constitution states the following: Article 6: All native languages ​​spoken in Nepal are national languages ​​of Nepal. Article 7b: In addition to the Nepali language, provinces may choose one or more…

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  • Nepalese history

    Brief history of Nepal summarized A brief review of the history of Nepal, an Asian country. The beginnings of Nepal Nepal was known to ancient Indians. He was mentioned in the classical literature of India. In the third century BC the great Indian emperor introduced Buddhism to Nepal. Nepal was also in contact with China. Around 200 AD a people called the Lichavis took power in Nepal. Under them Nepal flourished and great temples, both Hindu and Buddhist, were built. However, the Lichavis eventually declined and a new era began in 879 AD. They were replaced by a series of…

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