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    Mozambican language

    The Republic of Mozambique is a country belonging to Africa, whose capital is Maputo. It has a population of 29 million inhabitants (50th) and an area of ​​801,590 km 2 (35th). Its human development index is low (180º) and its official currency is the Mozambican metical. But what language is spoken in Mozambique? What language do they speak in Mozambique? Mozambique only has one official language, Portuguese. However, it is not the most widely spoken language. Mozambique is a multilingual country, where 43 languages ​​reside. The most widely spoken languages ​​in households are the following: Macua (25.42%), Portuguese (12.78%), Tsonga…

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  • Mozambican history

    Brief history of Mozambique summarized We give a brief and simple overview of the history of Mozambique, an African country that was colonized by the Portuguese. Old Mozambican After 100 AD the Bantus arrived in what is now Mozambique. They lived from agriculture and made iron tools. They were organized in small kingdoms. In the 9th century, Arab merchants reached the coast of Mozambique. For centuries there was trade between Africans and Arabs. Then, in 1498, the Portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama landed on the Ilha de Mocambique on his way to India. In 1511 a Portuguese named Antonio Fernandes…

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