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The Republic of Mozambique is a country belonging to Africa, whose capital is Maputo. It has a population of 29 million inhabitants (50th) and an area of ​​801,590 km 2 (35th). Its human development index is low (180º) and its official currency is the Mozambican metical. But what language is spoken in Mozambique?

What language do they speak in Mozambique?

Mozambique only has one official language, Portuguese.

However, it is not the most widely spoken language. Mozambique is a multilingual country, where 43 languages ​​reside. The most widely spoken languages ​​in households are the following: Macua (25.42%), Portuguese (12.78%), Tsonga (10.47%), Sena (7.17%), Lomwe (6.93%) and echuwabo (4.49%). Other minor Mozambican languages ​​add up to a total of 28.87%, while other foreign languages ​​are only 0.19%. The remaining 3.68% is unknown.

map of ethnic groups and languages ​​of mozambique

The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are: Korean (20,000), Chinese (7,000), Greek (6,000), and German (2,000). English, as a second language, barely has a presence in the country, beyond the capital, Maputo.

The Portuguese language

Portuguese (português) is the only official language, and the second most spoken natively, by 2,910,000 inhabitants. However, if the people who speak it as a second language are taken into account, the total increases to 10,250,000 inhabitants, being more than a third of the population (the majority live in urban populations).

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