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The Plurinational State of Bolivia is a country that belongs to South America, whose capitals are Sucre and La Paz. It has a population of more than 11 million people (83rd) and an area of ​​1,098,581 km 2 (27th). Its human development index is medium (118º) and its official currency is the Boliviano. And what language is spoken in Bolivia?

What language do they speak in Bolivia?

Bolivia has up to 37 official languages, which are the following:

It is estimated that a third of the population is bilingual, mostly speakers of indigenous languages. The distribution of indigenous peoples is as follows:

map indigenous peoples bolivia languages

Regarding immigrant languages, 60,000 people speak Mennonite Low German, in Santa Cruz. Portuguese is also spoken in areas close to Brazil. English is taught in schools.

The Spanish language

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the country, by 88 % of the population (of these, only 47.5% as their mother tongue). It is the language used in legal and official documents, as well as by the government, administration, the media and commercial activities.

spanish mother tongue bolivia map

Bolivian Spanish consists of 5 different dialects: Andean, Camba, Chapaco, Vallegrandino and Valluno.

The Quechua language

Quechua is the second most widely spoken language in Bolivia, divided between the north (116,000 speakers) and the south (1,610,000 speakers), and is spoken in its variant A (also known as I, or wámpuy).

The Aymara language

Aymara (also written Aymara) is spoken in the departments of La Paz, Oruro and Potosí (northwest). Bolivia is the country with the most Aymara speakers in the world.

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