The best of the Northeast of Segovia: Riaza, Ayllón and Maderuelo

The province of Segovia is full of places of great interest, charming towns that you must visit thanks to its history, its architecture and even its gastronomy. They are also perfect for an excursion from Madrid.

The Northeast of Segovia is a region where, in addition to typical Castilian towns, we can find dreamlike landscapes. Here we are going to talk to you basically about 3 towns that can be visited in a single excursion, Ayllón, Riaza and Maderuelo.

In addition to these places, do not miss Sepúlveda, the Hoces del Duratón and the Hoces del Río Riaza, which we will talk about in other articles.

Ayllón, one of the most beautiful towns in Segovia

A few kilometers from Riaza, going north, we find Ayllón, a small town where the best thing you can do is get lost in its alleys and enjoy.

Our tour begins at the Roman Bridge that crosses the Aguisejo River, in front of which is the Arch, one of the three medieval doors that the town had and where we see 4 coats of arms of the most illustrious families of Ayllón.

Just after passing under the Arch we find the Palacio de los Contreras, which began to be built at the end of the 15th century. Its façade is surprising with its coats of arms and from here we can already admire the beautiful buildings that will take us to the nerve center of Ayllón.

That center is the Plaza Mayor, presided over by the Auntamiento, a palace made up of two floors with arches and crowned by a small clock tower.

In the center of the pretty arcaded square is the Fountain, which was built in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. Around us we have some of the best restaurants to eat in Segovia.

From the center of the square we can admire the Church of San Miguel, of Romanesque origin and located right next to the Town Hall.

We can also see the upper part of the tower of the Church of Santa María la Mayor, in the baroque style and with a spectacular altar inside and a 40-meter tower that gives it a majestic appearance, and the Martina tower that is located on top of the hill under which the town was built.

You should not miss visiting either of the two churches admiring the tomb of Pedro Gutiérrez de César and his second wife in San Miguel.

In addition, you can also visit several churches, hermitages and even two convents in Ayllón, which form a spectacular ensemble with the stately homes and palaces that you can find in its narrow streets.

Visit Riaza, in the foothills of the Sierra de Ayllón

Riaza is the first town you come across on our route if you go from Madrid. It is a town whose origins date back to the 11th century and which has had an important place in history.

The liveliest place in Riaza is its Plaza Mayor, where we can begin the visit.

Its main building is the Town Hall, from the 18th century and with a large bell tower, which is located in the center of this elliptical square built on two levels saved by a stone staircase with iron railings, which are a symbol of Riaza.

Around the square we find the typical houses of the town with arcades under which we can find numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy Segovian cuisine. All the events that take place throughout the year in the town are held in this square.

Behind the Town Hall is the Church of Our Lady of the Mantle, in the Renaissance style and built at the end of the 15th century. It stands out for its great 30-meter-high tower that can be seen from the main square itself. You should not miss the altarpiece of the main altar or its collection of sacred art.

Other places to visit in Riaza are the Hermitage of San Juan or the Hermitage of San Roque, located in the famous El Rasero Park where you can end the visit and relax before continuing the trip.

Maderuelo, a small town on a hill

This excursion would not be complete without a visit to Maderuelo, located to the north of Ayllón and from which we must go along a road, not in very good condition, which leads to the famous bridge that is at the foot of the town and that crosses the Linares Reservoir, on the Riaza River.

Before going up to the town, it is mandatory to stop at the foot of the bridge and admire the ensemble formed by both.

Maderuelo is accessed through the Arco de la Villa, which surprises with its wooden door and locks, and which takes you directly to the Plaza de San Miguel, where the Church of the same name is located.

The church is surrounded by two streets that take you, leaving aside various stone houses, to the Plaza de Santa María, the highest part of the town.

There is the Church of Santa María del Castillo, with an imposing façade crowned by a belfry with 5 bells, and on whose side there is a viewpoint from which we can admire the entrance bridge to the town and the reservoir.

Other interesting places to visit in Maderuelo are the Ermita de la Veracruz, located on the other side of the bridge, or the Torreón del Castillo, located at one end of the town, although not much remains of the fortress.

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