Badajoz Cathedral. How to visit and what to see

Although the Cathedral of Badajoz is probably not the most beautiful cathedral in Spain, nor is it the most well-known or visited, it must be said that it is one of those monuments that is worth visiting because it still has great charm.

It is also known as the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista and is located in the very center of Badajoz, having a great role during the reconquest of Extremadura.

We tell you what to see in this monument in the capital of Badajoz.

The history of the Cathedral of Badajoz

Facade of the Cathedral of BadajozWhen the city of Badajoz was conquered in the year 1230, the Great Mosque that the Muslims had built was located there.

This mosque became Christian, beginning to be used as a Christian temple and creating the episcopal seat of Badajoz.

A few years later a new cathedral began to be built, being consecrated to Saint John the Baptist in the year 1276, with the works still unfinished.

These works continued during the following centuries with various reforms, finally ending in the 18th century.

Visiting the Cathedral of Badajoz

Badajoz - Cathedral - InteriorThe first thing that strikes you when you get to the Gothic-style Badajoz Cathedral is that its exterior appearance is not typical of a cathedral.

It looks more like a fortress with wide walls and a tall tower where the bell tower is located.

This tower is 40 meters high and it seems that it was not going to be the only one but no more were built for economic reasons.

Inside the Cathedral of Badajoz we can see three naves and as many apses, highlighting its High Altar, its numerous chapels and especially its cloister with its pointed arches and which was built in the 16th century.

The 17th century choir grille and the Plateresque stalls are also very remarkable, as well as the enormous lamp weighing more than 7 tons that hangs from its interior.

You can find more information on the official website of the Cathedral of Badajoz.

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