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The Republic of Austria is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Vienna. It has a population of 9 million inhabitants (96º) and an area of ​​83,879 km 2 (113º). Its human development index is very high (20º) and its official currency is the euro. But what language is spoken in Austria?

What language do they speak in Austria?

austrian flagAustria has one official language, Standard Austrian German.

However, the most widely spoken language is Austro-Bavarian, which is predominant throughout the country (with the exception of Vorarlberg, where Alemannic is predominant). These three languages ​​mentioned, grouped as languages ​​or dialects of German, are spoken natively by 88.6% of the population.

The other most common languages ​​are Turkish (2.28%), Serbian (2.21%), Croatian (1.63%), English (0.73%), Hungarian (0.51%), Bosnian (0.43%), Polish (0.35%), Albanian (0.35%), Slovenian (0.31%), Czech (0.22%), Arabic (0.22%) and Romanian (0. twenty-one%).

Slovenian is co official in the state of Carinthia, and is also present in the state of Styria. Hungarian was an important language in the country, due to belonging to the Austro- Hungarian empire, but today it hardly has a presence, with its largest nucleus in the state of Burgenland.

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The most learned foreign languages ​​are English (73%), French (11%) and Italian (9%).

The German language

Austrian German (Österreichisches Deutsch) is the variety of German spoken in Austria, and is influenced by Austro-Bavarian. It is only used in education, publications, formal advertisements, and websites. The majority of the young population has no problem using it, as does the older population in urban areas. It has a function of lingua franca in the country, and is de facto the second language of Austria.

The Austro-Bavarian language

Austro-Bavarian (Österreichisch -Boarisch) is the most widely spoken language in the country, by the majority of the population. This language is a variant of High German, and it is difficult for standard German speakers (and those who have studied it as a second language) to understand, as it has different pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

It is not official in either Austria or Bavaria (Germany), so there is no standardized spelling. Austro-Bavarian is heavily influenced by Standard German (as well as Standard Austrian German). Standard German, especially written, can also be used by most of its speakers.

Austro-Bavarian language map

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