A walk through Temple Bar, the most beautiful neighborhood in Dublin

Dublin would not be the same without Temple Bar, the most genuine neighborhood in the city and where you will find the most atmosphere, especially at nightfall, although visiting it during the day is also mandatory.

Many people just walk down one street, Temple Bar itself with its continuation Essex Street, but the truth is that the best thing you can do is get lost in the alleys that make up the neighborhood between the River Liffey, Dame Street, the Cathedral from Christ Church and Trinity College.

We tell you what is the most important thing to see in Temple Bar.

What to see in Dublin - Temple BarNight tour of Temple Bar and its pubs

On this walk we will visit Temple Bar to discover the best pubs in Dublin and learn about their stories and legends. In addition, whoever wishes may end the tour with a tasting.

A little history of Temple Bar

Dublin - The Temple BarWhat was before? The neighborhood or the pub? Well, logically the neighborhood despite the fact that many think that it was the pub thanks to its fame.

This area of ​​Dublin owes its name to Sir William Temple, who moved to this area, which was called St. Andrews Parish at the time, in the early 17th century when it was a suburb outside the city walls and was It had been in decline since the 14th century.

During the 18th century the neighborhood hit rock bottom, even becoming a center of prostitution, until at the end of the 20th century it began to attract artists, art galleries and small shops that made the neighborhood grow and turn it into a prosperous and busy place. of life that we can enjoy today.

In addition, thanks to their protests, part of Temple Bar was prevented from being demolished to build a bus station.

What to see in Temple Bar today

Dublin - Temple BarAs we have said before, Temple Bar is a perfect place to visit both during the day and at night, thus getting to know different environments.

During the day, culture takes center stage thanks to its galleries and cultural centers.

We recommend visiting the Gallery of Photography, the Wax Museum, The Ark or the Irish Film Institute. But there are many more.

It is also a reference shopping area for alternative fashion and has several very interesting markets, such as the Food Market, on Saturdays, and the Book Market, dedicated to food and second-hand books, respectively.

dublin-temple-barThe book store can be visited on Saturdays and Sundays in Temple Bar Square, a recently renovated square.

If you visit the neighborhood at night, leisure takes center stage thanks to its restaurants and pubs, The Temple Bar being the most famous of all, although there are also others such as the Oliver St. John Gogarty, whose color brings the neighborhood to life.

A neighborhood full of color and life. A very typical place in Ireland.

Temple Bar is also a good area to stay thanks to the hotels and hostels that are in them, but we only recommend them if you are not looking for tranquility on your visit to Dublin, as this area is very noisy at night and you may have trouble sleeping.

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