A route through the Ría de Aldán, the unknown paradise of Galicia

The Rías Baixas of Galicia are known worldwide but very few places speak of one of the most impressive estuaries that you can visit in this area thanks to its natural wonders that make it one of the paradises that you should know in Galicia.

We are talking about the Ría de Aldán, located between the Vigo and Pontevedra estuaries and where we can find countless wonderful beaches that will surprise you. We invite you to visit them all, you can even do it on foot because of its small extension.

Here you have a tour with the best things to see in the Ría de Aldán. To do this, we recommend staying at the Ría de Aldán Apartments, very close to all points of interest, with a swimming pool and with amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable.

What to see in the Ría de Aldán

Our tour of the Ría de Aldán can begin at Cabo Udra, in the northernmost part of the estuary. There we can enjoy the rocks over the sea, the birds, its flora and of course the beautiful views of the Ons Island. On very clear days you can even see the Cíes Islands. Menduiña Beach is another of the wonders of the area.

Further south is Francon Beach, surrounded by trees and with fine sand that invites you to rest and enjoy the tranquility with the sound of the waves of the sea. A short distance away we find the Areacova Beach, another of the more than 20 beaches that we can visit in the Ría de Aldán.

Nearby are Aldán and San Cibrán, two of the towns that overlook the Ría de Aldán and where we can enjoy another of the great beaches of the estuary, such as Playa de San Cibrán, located next to the mouth of the Orxas River. It is a special beach where you can learn about cockle breeding.

But in the Ría de Aldán we can not only enjoy numerous beaches, we also have other places of interest that you will want to know and that you will find truly spectacular. One of them is the Cholesterol Route, a 1.3km circular route where you can get to know life in Galician villages and their orchards. The name has been given by the locals because they go for a walk here to lower their cholesterol.

Another great idea to enjoy this natural wonder is to do the Route of the Old Water Mills, 1.5 km long along the Orxas River and ending at another of the main points of interest in the region, the Enchanted Forest.. Without a doubt, the best place to enjoy nature and its spectacular trees that you will come across on your journey.

Other activities that you can do in the Ría de Aldán is to take a boat trip or even practice diving if you like this sport. And of course you can also go to nearby Cangas and take a boat to visit the Cíes Islands, one of the great natural wonders of Galicia and where what is considered by many to be the best beach in the world, Playa de Rodas.

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