What to visit in Liérganes and discover the legend of the fish man

Located in the heart of Cantabria, just under half an hour from Santander, the town of Liérganes is one of the most picturesque visits you can make in this community. Without a doubt, a very charming town.

Liérganes is associated with the legend of the fish man, a Cantabrian mythological being who is a symbol of this town and who attracts thousands of tourists every year. In the village there is a sculpture dedicated to the fish man.

But in Liérganes there is also much to visit.

What to see in Lierganes

Liérganes is a small town, not too crowded, with a special charm that you will go through in a short time but of which you will take a very pleasant memory thanks to its picturesque houses, its monuments and its inhabitants.

The walk through Liérganes can begin at the Roman Bridge, which crosses the River Miera. It is not really Roman, since it dates back to the 16th century, but it is very beautiful. Next to it is the bronze statue of the fish man and the Interpretation Center dedicated to this being.

In it you can learn about its legend, which tells that a man who swam in the river in the 17th century disappeared without a trace. A few years later, a marine creature was detected in Cádiz, half human half fish, who only said one word, Liérganes, the town to which he was taken. Once there, he went to the house where the man had lived, where he stayed with his mother, who recognized him, until one fine day he disappeared into the water again.

From there we can walk to the historic center of Liérganes, also called El Mercadillo, and which has numerous very interesting mountain buildings, such as the Casa de los Cañones or the Palacio de la Rañada as well as other palaces and mansions that are among its cobbled streets and whose architecture we can admire. In Liérganes, the Church of San Pantaleón is also of great interest.

The visit to Liérganes can end with the Ecomuseo Fluviarium, a nature museum dedicated to the conservation and dissemination of the richness and heritage of the Valles Pasiegos.

In the surroundings of Liérganes we also find several points of interest in the same municipality that are worth visiting. One of them is the impressive Palace of Elsedo, from the 18th century and in which we find one of the best private collections of 20th-century art in Spain. It is located in Pámanes, about 3km.

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