What to see in Saragossa. The best places to visit in the capital of the Ebro

Zaragoza is one of the largest cities in Spain and one of the ones that receives the most visitors. Without a doubt, Zaragoza is a good place to make a one-day, two-day or weekend getaway, since although there is a lot to see in Zaragoza, almost everything is very close and will not take you too long.

Different civilizations have passed through Zaragoza throughout its history, so its historical and monumental heritage is very rich and varied, being able to visit very different places.

For all these reasons, visiting Zaragoza is almost a must if you want to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Routes through Zaragoza for days

To make your visit easier, depending on the days you have to visit Zaragoza, we offer you a series of tours so you can see the most important parts of the city.

The main places to see in Zaragoza

The Pillar Square

What to see in Zaragoza - Plaza PilarThe Plaza del Pilar is the nerve center of the city of Zaragoza. It is where all the life of the city is concentrated and it is a very busy point thanks to its bars, restaurants, shops and all the monuments that surround it.

In the Plaza del Pilar are the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar and La Seo, the Cathedral of Zaragoza. For this reason it is also called the Plaza de las Catedrales although there are also other buildings that do not go unnoticed.

Two of these buildings are the Lonja, in the Renaissance style and where various exhibitions are held today, and the Zaragoza Town Hall, also with a Renaissance façade and a Mudejar roof, although it was built in the 20th century.

A statue of Francisco de Goya, the most illustrious Aragonese, and the modern Fuente de la Hispanidad complete a square where you will enjoy the best atmosphere in Zaragoza.

The Basilica of the Pillar

Zaragoza - Stone BridgeThe Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, the full name of the monument, is the main point of interest to see in Zaragoza. It is possibly the most famous place and the symbol of the city.

It is one of the most important sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the world and thousands of pilgrims flock to it every year. Of the basilica we must not only highlight its architecture but also the artistic richness of its interior with a spectacular altarpiece and paintings by Goya.

The Basilica del Pilar is crowned by 4 towers located at each of its ends, being able to go up to one of them by elevator, obtaining great views of the rest of the basilica and the Ebro River.

The Cathedral of Zaragoza

Located at one end of the Plaza del Pilar we find the Seo de Zaragoza, in the shadow of the Basilica del Pilar but no less important for that. Its official name is Salvador Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Zaragoza was built in the same place where there was a mosque in the old Muslim city that at the same time had been built in the Roman forum of Caesaraugusta, the name by which the city was known in Roman times.

The Seo de Zaragoza stands out on the outside for its tall baroque tower and the Mudejar wall of the Chapel of San Miguel. Inside, the Gothic main altarpiece and the Tapestry Museum must be highlighted. The Cathedral is therefore a mixture of styles ranging from Romanesque to Neoclassical.

The Alfajeria Palace

Zaragoza - Aljaferia PalaceOutside the magnificent Plaza del Pilar, but not too far from it, is the Palacio de la Alfajería, one of the most important Muslim monuments in the Iberian Peninsula, built from the 11th century and the only example of a large building of the time Hispanic of the Taifas.

After the Reconquest of Zaragoza in 1118, the building became the residence of the Kings of Aragon, which is why some Christian elements are also preserved, becoming the greatest example of Mudejar architecture. Later it became the seat of the Spanish Inquisition and is currently the seat of the Cortes de Aragón.

In it we can distinguish several differentiated zones. On the one hand, the Taifal Palace, where the Golden Hall, the mosque or the Courtyard of Santa Isabel stand out, and on the other hand, the Palace of Pedro IV the Ceremonious and the Palace of the Catholic Monarchs, of which the Throne Hall stands out.

The Zaragoza Aquarium and the Ebro River

Zaragoza - Aquarium2The Ebro River is closely linked to the history of Zaragoza and is part of its charm. Strolling along the banks of the Ebro River is one of the best activities to do in Zaragoza enjoying the buildings that overlook the river, highlighting the Basilica del Pilar, its bridges and its charm.

The 2008 Expo area, dedicated to water, is one of the most interesting thanks to the architecture of its buildings, such as the Congress Palace, the Water Tower, the Bridge Pavilion, the Spain and Aragon pavilions and, above all, the Zaragoza River Aquarium, an aquarium very different from the rest that we can find in our country since it is dedicated to rivers.

In the Zaragoza Aquarium you can tour the aquatic life of rivers from the 5 continents, paying special attention to the Ebro River.

Other bridges that cross the Ebro that we must highlight are the Puente de Piedra, the oldest that is preserved, the Puente del Pilar, or the Puente del Tercer Milenio, built in 2008 and the most spectacular of all.

You can find more information about what to see in Zaragoza on its official tourism page.

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