What to see in Puerta del Sol, the main square in Madrid

Puerta del Sol in Madrid is the main meeting point for thousands of people from all over the world every day and therefore one of the busiest places in Madrid.

It is one of those magical places in the city that you should not miss. Here is Kilometer Zero, the point from which all roads in Spain start.

In recent years, it has become the main place in Madrid for holding demonstrations and protests, so it is certain that when visiting Madrid, you will find one at Puerta del Sol.

Brief History of Puerta del Sol

Madrid - Puerta del SolPuerta del Sol has witnessed several of the main events that have taken place in the history of Spain.

These events range from the Esquilache Mutiny in 1808 to today’s outraged demonstrations.

The origins of the Puerta del Sol date back to the 15th century and many of its initial buildings have been demolished to make way for other emblematic buildings of the city.

There were the Church of Buen Suceso, the Convent of Nuestra Señora de las Victorias or the Convent of San Felipe el Real, beautiful buildings that we can no longer admire. Nowadays it is also the most famous place where the new year is received on New Year ‘s Eve with the chimes of the Casa de Correos clock.

What to see in Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Madrid - Puerta del Sol - The Bear and the Strawberry TreeIn Puerta del Sol it has an oval shape and we can find interesting monuments both in its center and in the buildings that surround it.

In the center we can find the Equestrian Statue of Carlos III, although it is not the original as it is on display at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

One at each end of the square we find two statues, the Mariblanca Statue, also a copy of the one found in the Casa de la Villa, and the other the most famous of the Madrid statues, the Bear and the Madroño, the statue in front of which everyone wants to be photographed as a symbol of having been in Madrid.

Madrid - Puerta del SolAround the square we find several of the most beautiful buildings in Madrid.

The most famous of all is the Casa de Correos, seat of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, and whose clock marks the chimes of the end of the year (and obviously every hour of the year).

It is the oldest building in the square and we have two plaques on it, that of Kilometer Zero and that of the Victims of 11-m.

Other famous buildings in Puerta del Sol are the old Paris Hotel, where the famous Tío Pepe sign was located, which was moved to another building in the square, and Casa Cordero.

And of course you should not stop walking through the streets that start from Puerta del Sol, all very commercial and busy. These are Mayor, Arenal, Preciados, Carmen, Alcalá, Montera and Carretas.

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