What to see in Milan in 3 days. The most complete visit to the city

If you have the great fortune to be able to enjoy 3 days in Milan you will be able to get to know the most important aspects of the capital of Lombardy as well as even be able to take an excursion to a nearby place that you will surely love.

With the first two days in Milan you will probably have already been able to get to know the most important things, since Milan is a small city where it is possible to reach almost all places on foot, but with one more day you will be able to get to know it more in depth.

Here we tell you the best things to see in Milan in 3 days.

What to see in Milan in 3 days

First day in Milan

Milan - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele IIIThe first of the 3 days in Milan can be dedicated to getting to know the historic center of the city where the most important monuments to see in Milan in 3 days are located.

You can start your visit in Piazza del Duomo, the nerve center of the city, where two of the main places of interest in Milan are located, the Cathedral and the imposing Gallery of Vittorio Emmanuelle I, although it will not be the only thing you will see.

In addition, since you will do the tour on foot, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and historic buildings of the capital of fashion, as well as enjoy its gastronomy and its atmosphere. The main places you will visit on this first day are:

  • Duomo and Cathedral Pizza
  • Vittorio Emanuelle I Gallery
  • Theater alla Scala
  • Sforza Castle
  • Sempione Park
  • The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Last Supper

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Second day in Milan

The previous day we will have known the essential things to see in Milan but this beautiful city still has many other places of interest that we will discover on this second day. On this day we will walk much more touring the center of the city from north to south getting to know other very interesting places.

We will start the day visiting the Municipal Cemetery and after crossing very beautiful streets and squares such as Gae Aulenti, we will visit several churches and basilicas as well as the bohemian Brera neighborhood until we finish in the bustling Navigli neighborhood, with its great atmosphere.

The main places we will visit on this second day in Milan are:

  • Municipal cemetery
  • Gae Aulenti Square
  • Brera neighborhood
  • Brera Art Gallery
  • Ambrosian Art Gallery
  • Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore
  • Navigli neighborhood

To know the complete and detailed tour, we recommend you read our tour with the best things to see in Milan in two days. But there is still more to discover and we have another day in Milan.

Third day in Milan

Our last day in Milan arrives and you will have already seen the main parts of the city, but not because of them will you stop enjoying this fantastic city. On this third day in Milan, you can take the opportunity to return to some of the places you visited in previous days and see them in more detail.

But you can also take an excursion somewhere nearby, and Milan has extraordinary surroundings to go and return to in a single day. Here is a list of the most interesting.


One of the most beautiful cities to visit near Milan is Bergamo. It is undoubtedly one of the best excursions to do from Milan, but even as you may use the city’s airport to get to Lombardy, you can take advantage of the first or last day to get to know Bergamo.

Bergamo is divided into two very different areas. On one side we have Bergamo, the lower city and the upper city.

In the lower city there is one of the most impressive museums in Italy, the Pinacoteca Accademia Carrara where we can find magnificent works by Boticelli or Raphael, although if you only have one day, it must be said that your visit will take a long time.

In the upper city, which you can reach thanks to a funicular, we find the main places to visit in Bergamo, such as Piazza Vecchia, the nerve center of the city and where we can admire several palaces. Next to it is the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor with its independent baptistery.

Lake Como

A little further away, about 90 km from Milan, is another of the most touristic and spectacular places in Italy, Lake Como, located very close to the border with Switzerland.

Lake Como is a haven of peace and tranquility attended by thousands of vacationers, although summer is not the only time to visit, surrounded by charming villages that will leave you speechless. Completely visiting Lake Como can take several days but if you organize it well you can perfectly make a day trip from Milan.

The most picturesque town on Lake Como is undoubtedly Bellaglio, a source of inspiration for numerous artists located on the shores of the lake. Knowing its streets is an authentic experience. Do not miss the city of Como itself, whose main point of interest is its Cathedral.

Lake Garda and Verona

Verona - Juliet's HouseThis excursion from Milan is to a place a bit further away but perfectly possible in one day. Verona is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy and without a doubt a good place to visit. The city of Verona is known for being the place where the love story of Romeo and Juliet takes place. And Juliet’s House is one of its places of interest.

But in addition to this romantic place, in Verona we can also visit other monuments such as the Arena, the Roman amphitheater that is very well preserved, the Cathedral or the Basilica of San Zeno.

Very close to Verona is another of the beautiful lakes that we can find in northern Italy. We are talking about Lake Garda with very beautiful villages that we can visit. Among them we must highlight the town of Sirmione, where in addition to the wonderful views of the lake and its surroundings we can visit some Roman ruins.

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