What to see in Cascais and Estoril in one day. best thing to do

Just a few kilometers west of Lisbon, there are two cities with a special charm that deserve a visit that you can do in a single day. We are talking about Cascais, an old fishing town full of mansions, and Estoril, another city with a past of luxury tourism.

Both towns are separated by only 2 kilometers that can be covered through a beautiful walk along the sea.

Here we tell you a tour of Cascais and Estoril to visit both cities in a single day. The best you can do in this city to get to know it all is the Cascais Free Tour that takes you through each of its corners.

What to see in Cascais and Estoril in one day

Visit Cascais

Cascais can be easily reached by train from Lisbon, although it can also be done in your own car, parking in the center of the city in one of its car parks . This is why we recommend starting the tour at the Cascais train station.

From there we can reach the historic center of Cascais in a few minutes, small in size but with the typical pavement of Portuguese cities and full of shops, restaurants and accommodation. Walking around you can reach Praia de Rainha, a small beach between cliffs that is very pretty.

But the main beach of Cascais is just a few meters away. This is the Praia dos Pescadores, located in the very center of Cascais where the Town Hall and the famous Seixas Palace are also located, at one of its ends. The Seixas Palace is the greatest example of the luxury tourism past that surrounded Cascais since the 18th century when the Portuguese royal family chose this city for their summer vacations.

From there we can walk to another of the essential places to visit in Cascais, Boca do Inferno. Along the way we will admire the Citadel, other beautiful palaces or the Condes de Castro Guimaraes Museum. You just have to walk west along the sea to get there.

The Boca do Inferno is a spectacular cliff located two kilometers from the city center with different cavities in which the water enters and exits causing a thunderous sound from which it takes its name. Praia do Guincho, located much further from the center of Cascais, is the beach to go to if you are looking for tranquility and plenty of space.

Visit Estoril

After visiting the Boca do Inferno you can retrace your steps and head towards nearby Estoril. For this you have several options such as the train that will take you in a few minutes. If you have come by car, we recommend that you take it and go to this town and thus avoid having to return to it.

Or you can walk along the promenade enabled between Cascais and Estoril, which is really special at sunset to see how the Sun hides on the horizon under the Atlantic Ocean.

Estoril, like Casccais, has been associated with elite luxury tourism since the 18th century, who have left a legacy of mansions and luxury sites. It was also a place of refuge for aristocrats who fled from the Second World War and exiled kings after declaring the republic in their countries such as Spain and Portugal.

The main points of interest to visit in Estoril in one day are next to the famous Casino, opened in 1931 and inspiration for the novel Casino Royale, the first of the James Bond saga. In front of the Casino we find the beautiful Jardim do Estoril, a place of relaxation for the residents of the area.

We also find in this area the Praia do Tamariz and the beautiful Chalet Barros, perhaps the most famous building in Estoril, which is reminiscent of a medieval castle. In any case, the best thing to do in Estoril is to walk through its streets and enjoy its mansions and palaces.

Although it is not located in Cascais or Estoril, if you have time we recommend visiting Praia do Carcavelos, famous for its waves that make it one of the temples of surfing.

You can find more information on the official Cascais tourism page.

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