What to see in Bilbao in 2 days. A tour of the best of the city

If you are lucky enough to spend a couple of days in this city, here we are going to tell you the best things to see in Bilbao in 2 days, enough time to get to know the most important things in one of the most important cities in Spain.

Traveling to Bilbao is an experience that you must do to get to know its architecture, its gastronomy, its atmosphere and an old town full of history and unforgettable corners.

If you want to know what to visit in Bilbao in 2 days, keep reading.

The best things to see in Bilbao in 2 days

First day in Bilbao

what to see in Bilbao in 2 days - CathedralThe first of the two days to visit in Bilbao we are going to dedicate basically to the essential places that we recommend in our article on what to see in Bilbao in 1 day but more relaxed and leaving something for the second day.

The tour of the first day can start next to the Arriaga Theater and its beautiful façade, this being the entrance to the Old Town, which is our next destination of the tour with the best things to visit in Bilbao in 2 days.

The Old Quarter of Bilbao is the heart of the city, the place that will surprise you the most for its atmosphere and its pintxos, as well as its architecture, something that you can see in the Bilbao Cathedral, the Plaza Nueva or in any of the alleys that form the neighborhood, the famous Siete Calles.

Visit Bilbao in two days - City CouncilAfter visiting the Casco Viejo, you can go to the Ribera del Nervión and take a very pleasant walk admiring the Mercado de la Ribera, the Abando Station or the Church of San Nicolás de Bari.

The Arenal Bridge and the Bilbao City Hall building are the following points of interest that you should not miss on your two-day tour of Bilbao, just before starting to visit the Ensanche, whose main street is Gran Vía, the most commercial area of ​​all, and where the beautiful Foral Palace is located.

The walk ends at Plaza Moyúa with its spectacular fountain.

What to see in Bilbao on the second day

Get to know Bilbao in 2 days - Artxanda viewpointWe have left for the second of our days in Bilbao to visit its most international and must-see monument. If you only have 1 day, obviously you should not miss it. We are talking about the Guggenheim Museum.

But our walk on the second day does not start at the museum but at the Plaza del Funicular, not too far away, from where the funicular departs that will take us to the Mirador de Artxanda, to have one of the best views from the heights that can be had. of Bilbao.

After enjoying the views, we can go down the funicular again, cross the Zubizuri Bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava, and walk along the banks of the Nervión River until we finally reach the Guggenheim Museum.

Bilbao - Guggenheim MuseumThe building that houses the Guggenheim Museum is simply spectacular, an incredible structure of steel and titanium designed by Frank Gehry that leaves no one indifferent and forms an impressive ensemble with the Nervión estuary, next to which it is.

You will also like its interior very much, perfectly complementing the greatness of its surroundings, which are watched over by Puppy and Mama, the dog and the spider that is next to it.

From there we can begin to walk the Paseo Abandoibarra, which emerged from the deindustrialization of Bilbao and which takes you along the Ría under the gaze of beautiful and large buildings, such as the Iberdrola Tower, the Library of the University of Deusto or the Euskalduna Palace.

what to do in Bilbao in two days - Grua CarolaThe Pedro Arrupe Bridge starts from there, a pedestrian walkway that takes you to the University of Deusto, where wisdom resides and which is part of the history of Bilbao. Strolling through its gardens and buildings is a unique experience.

We can continue walking along the Ribera de Botica Verde that takes us to the Euskalduna Bridge, one of the most beautiful and modern in Bilbao and the best thing to visit. On the other side of the bridge we can visit the Maritime Museum, the historic Grúa Carola, which is part of the old Bilbao shipyards, or the San Mamés Stadium, the cathedral of football.

Here ends our walk with the best things to see in Bilbao in 2 days. Now you can go back to Casco Viejo, for example, and end the trip eating some pintxos to enjoy the fabulous Basque gastronomy.

Do you have more days in Bilbao? What to see in Bilbao in 3 days

If you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy Bilbao for more than two days, you are in luck, because you still have more places of interest to visit in this city.

You still have to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Begoña and, above all, go to Portugalete to admire the Vizcaya Bridge, or Las Arenas.

You can find more information about what to see in Bilbao on the official Bilbao tourism website.

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