What to see at the Lisbon Fado Museum

Do you want to know the Portuguese culture in all its splendor and be able to see and listen to the traditional music of one of the most emblematic cities in Europe?

In that case, you cannot miss going to visit the Museo do Fado in the capital city of Lisbon.

The Fado Museum is located in the Alfama neighborhood and is one of the most interesting visits to do in Lisbon and that we discovered thanks to the travel blog Traveler Nomad.

History of Fado and the museum

Lisbon - Fado MuseumIt was in that symbolic neighborhood of the city, Alfama, where singing was born and evolved, becoming one of the most sought-after shows among visitors to the city.

In this museum we will find that they cite authors, guitars, songs and composers to be able to get closer to those of us who are not very experts and those who had never heard of fado.

The Fado Museum was inaugurated in 1998 by bringing together and exhibiting a large and unique collection in the world and fundamental to the cultural heritage of Portugal.

In the museum we will learn about the history of fado. It has been seven centuries since its most remote origins in time, and it will also talk about how different types of musician style have been influencing fado to what we know today as this musical style.

Although the true origin of this indigenous style has not yet been revealed, it remains a true mystery that is still being investigated. But it is not that the museum is dedicated to exposing what is known about fado and its history, it also investigates deeply and promotes music thanks to workshops, performances and seminars that they do.

What to see at the Fado Museum

Inside the Museu do Fado we can find a vast collection of musical instruments and also other objects such as sheet music, licenses and professional documents. We will also see an exhibition of photographs, publications and posters that help the visitor to enter a unique context to learn and get to know such a unique culture.

The museum has a section with multimedia content where you can consult the biographies of the protagonists of the history of fado.

The museum has its own cafeteria, a guitar and viola school, a documentation center and a shop. Since its inauguration, the museum has been a cultural reference in the city of Lisbon.

We also have to point out that the Museu do Fado has received many awards: in 2008 it had the Honorable Mention as one of the best Portuguese museums due to an extension that it had two years before. Fado comes to have enormous importance in Portuguese culture and in this building we can see how it has come to influence both society and culture.

You can find more information on the official website of the Fado Museum.

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