Visit the Castle of the Mendoza and Manzanares el Real

If there is a town linked to a building and a river, this is without a doubt Manzanares el Real, a perfect weekend getaway, ideal to enjoy a town of great beauty in Madrid on the shore of the Santillana Reservoir and at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama, famous for its impressive castle, Los Mendoza, one of the best preserved in Spain.

Manzanares el Real as a town is well worth a visit, since there are a large number of places to visit, as well as a wide gastronomic offer in places, where you can enjoy the best dishes in the area, to later walk through its beautiful streets and approach nearby sites such as the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Peña Sacra or the typically rocky landscapes of La Pedriza.

But if there is something that stands out above the rest, it is the Castillo de los Mendoza, the main attraction of Manzanares el Real.

Visit the Mendoza Castle

Whether you go with family, friends or alone, this castle is an unavoidable stop in this town. Started in 1475 by Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, taking advantage of part of an old hermitage in the Romanesque and Mudejar style, it is a truly cinematographic walled building with views of the Santillana Reservoir, which due to its state of conservation seems more contemporary than it really is. it is.

It is a typical castle, practically from a book, with its semicircular arch windows, its antewall, the angled entrance, its characteristic four towers that protect its main structure, with a curious decoration and ornamentation based on balls with a characteristic Elizabethan style.

It also has a typical rectangular interior patio that can perfectly serve as a setting for shooting movies or series, not to mention its impressive garden, with a typical labyrinth and a palenque, a kind of defensive wooden fence, where in its larger areas, at the time games of the time and scenarios adapted for the practice of medieval tournaments were organized.

A corner of great beauty, a reference to the Madrid fortifications, which would be completed by Íñigo López de Mendoza under the direction of the architect Juan Guas.

Today it is recommended for anyone who is a fan of history, since it has a more than recommended museum of Spanish castles inside, where you can see other walled constructions in the country that are similar, but certainly not the same. charm and state of conservation.

Nowadays this castle is especially attractive for visitors, especially if they come with the little ones, since very interesting children’s workshops are organized, where children can enjoy learning and playing about the environment, history and medieval architecture.

In addition, in this walled enclosure, small theatrical performances and even simulated medieval combats are organized with all the equipment and armor of the time, where the typical blows and attacks of that time are recreated, which will be the delight of all those who wish to know this town and its more than famous castle, considered one of the best in the country.

You can find more information on the official Manzanares el Real tourism page.

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