The Trevi Fountain, the most beautiful and famous in the world

Anyone who has been to Rome could say that the most beautiful fountain they have ever seen is the Trevi Fountain,

It is the most monumental of the fountains in Rome and one of the greatest works of art of the Italian Baroque. It is also one of the largest in Rome and one of the oldest that we can find.

If you visit it, do not forget to throw a coin with your back to the Trevi Fountain to be able to return to Rome according to tradition.

The Construction of the Trevi Fountain

Rome - Trevi FountainTo get to the origins of the Trevi Fountain you have to go back to the year 19 BC, in the time of Emperor Augustus when the confluence of the 3 streets where it is located was the end of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct.

The Romans used to build a beautiful fountain at the end of the aqueducts and thus a fountain was created in this place.

But it was in 1629, when Pope Urban VIII commissioned Bernini to build a grandiose fountain in that place, although his project did not come to fruition.

It was Nicola Salv i, years later, who began to build this fountain with a design similar to that devised by Bernini. The current fountain was completed in 1762, a few years after Salvi’s death.

The Visit to the Trevi Fountain and the tradition of throwing coins

Rome - Trevi Fountain - NeptuneThe first thing that strikes you when you arrive at the square where the Trevi Fountain is located is the contrast of its majesty with the narrowness of the streets and the square.

But perhaps that is one of its great attractions. Crowds are always common here, day and night, any day of the week.

In the center of the fountain we can see Neptune, under a triumphal arch and in a chariot pulled by two tritons.

The rest of the fountain revolves around horses and tritons and is simply spectacular.

The vast majority of tourists here follow a tradition that emerged in 1954 thanks to the film “Three Coins in the Fountain”.

According to this tradition, you have to throw a coin to return to Rome, two coins to find love with an Italian or three coins to marry that person. They should be thrown with the right hand over the left shoulder.

In all the tourist cities of the world there is some tradition to follow and Rome could not be less. And if you have ever wondered what is done with that money, we will tell you that for a few years it has been donated to NGOs, drawing nearly 1 million euros from the source each year.

What to see near the Trevi Fountain

Rome - Sant'Andrea al QuirinaleOne of the nearby places is the Quirinal Palace.

It is the current residence of the President of the Republic of Italy but in past centuries it was the summer residence of the Popes.

From its terrace you can have great views of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Very close to the Trevi Fountain we have two churches. Sant’Andrea al Quirinale is one of them .It is a spectacular church that is called the Pearl of the Baroque. It is the work of Bernini and is very small and not very crowded.

The other is San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.It is the work of Borromini, Bernini’s great rival and also in the Baroque style. It is undoubtedly the best work of Borromini.

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