Take a cruise in Seville on the Guadalquivir River

The Guadalquivir is one of the most impressive rivers in our country. If it also has the attraction of going through a city as beautiful as Seville, then that is another reason to want to go on a cruise on this river.

A city of legend and a river that is an intrinsic part of the Seville capital are one of the best ways to tour the city and get an idea of ​​what one of the most beautiful cities in Spain is like.

For this reason, one of the best activities to do in Seville is a cruise on the Guadalquivir. And here you can book a boat trip through Seville

A printing tour

You can enjoy magnificent views including elegant bridges, medieval towers and historical monuments of the city. We are talking about one of the longest and most important Spanish rivers, from where you can see the Torre del Oro, the Giralda or the Puente del Alamillo.

Many of these cruises stop at the pier and take a guided tour of the famous and old Barrio de Triana, the most famous in the city. Being able to see the Giralda tower of Seville Cathedral is also well worth the stop.

We talked before about the length of this river and it is that for many centuries the Guadalquivir has fed the virgin natural environment, managing to maintain a rich area where agriculture has surrounded the Sevillian capital.

From the course of the river you can discover the beautiful panorama of the many towers, monuments, bridges and churches that mark out the city with the largest historic center in Europe.

Cruises are in fashion

Seville - Triana neighborhoodSeville is a city that has always looked at its river, so we can admire a large part of the city sailing the Guadalquivir, what has increased is the variety of cruises that can be made.

In addition to the typical tourist cruise, dinner cruises or farewell parties or various celebrations fill the city’s ships.

The success of cruises has reached such a point that it has become one of the favorite options for travelers, where you can enjoy it almost at any time of the year, because the weather is really good for it.

Seville - Alamillo BridgeThe offer is quite large, but we must first know what type of cruise we want and have a budget limit. Then you have to look for the companies to be able to carry it out, where a good investigation of the opinions of tourists will help us narrow the siege on the cruise we are looking for.

Then it is already necessary to know well the schedules in which the cruise takes place and the existing options, since in many cases visits are included and others may have various extras that may be included or involve greater expense.

We hope you find the cruise you are looking for and enjoy one of the most beautiful trips that can be done by boat in our country, that of a city with “duende” such as Seville.

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