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Russian music denotes music produced from Russia and/or by Russians. Russia is a large and culturally diverse country, with many ethnic groups, each with their own locally developed music. Russian music also includes significant contributions from ethnic minorities, who populated the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and modern Russia.

Russian music has had a long history, beginning with the ritual folk songs and sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church. The 19th century saw the rise of acclaimed Russian classical music and, in the 20th century, the great contributions of various composers such as Igor Stravinsky and Soviet composers, while modern styles of Russian popular music such as rock and roll developed. Russian, Russian hip hop and Russian pop.

Russia today is a multi-ethnic state with more than 300 ethnic groups living under one flag. Each of these ethnic groups has its own indigenous, sacred and, in some cases, artistic folk music, which can be categorized together under the guise of ethnic roots music, or folk music. This category can be divided into folk (modern adaptations of folk material and authentic performances of ethnic music).

His most popular music genres are classical, opera, pop, rock, bard, VIA, chanson, and hip hop.

Russian music song charts

Spotify Playlists

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(LIST) Mix of current music from Russia

(TOP-10) Russian typical, traditional, folk music

Other playlists to listen to songs from Russia, below:

Youtube videos

You can also find a lot of Russian music on Youtube. We propose a compilation of the best songs.

(LIST) Old Russian songs

(LIST) Best Russian songs (current and old)

(TOP-10) Artists from Russia

Songs of the most popular Russian artists on YouTube.

(TOP-6) Mix videos (>35 min.)

Videos that collect different types of music, all in one. From folklore to Soviet communist.

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