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The Republic of Nicaragua is a country belonging to Central America, whose capital is Managua. It has a population of more than 6 million inhabitants (101st) and an area of ​​130,375 km 2 (96th). Its human development index is medium (124º) and its official currency is the Nicaraguan córdoba. But what language is spoken in Nicaragua?

What language do they speak in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has an official language, Spanish.

However, indigenous languages ​​such as Nicaraguan Creole English (18,400 native speakers), Miskito (114,000), Sumo (?), Garífuna (0) and Rama (740) are also recognized. Most Miskito speakers also speak Spanish. During the last 3 decades, linguists have made an effort to document and revitalize these languages.

map of languages ​​languages ​​nicaragua

The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are Chinese (7,000) and Arabic (400). There are also German and Italian communities.

In Nicaragua, a total of 4 languages ​​have ceased to exist: Nahuat, Mangue, Subtiaba and Matagalpa.

The Spanish language

Spanish is spoken by the majority of the population , 90%. Throughout the country, the language adopts several varieties in terms of vocabulary, accents and colloquialisms. The voseo form is common.

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