The Madrid Río Park, relax next to the Manzanares

The Madrid Río Park is a recently inaugurated park that occupies the majority of the space occupied by the previous layout of the M-30 and which currently runs underground.

It has an urban beach and various areas to enjoy, as well as bridges and wooded areas. The park is located on the banks of the Manzanares River, the river that runs through Madrid and has 121 hectares, surpassing even the most famous of Madrid’s parks: the Retiro Park.

This park, which has only been around for a very short time, aspires to become one of the main emblems of Madrid and a meeting place for locals and visitors to the city.

What to see in Madrid Rio

Madrid RioThe most important points that we can find in Madrid Río are the following:

  • Pine Hall. It is the tree-lined promenade that runs along the Manzanares River. 6 km of walk in those places where the distance between the river and the buildings is less than 40 meters.
  • Oblique Bridge. Where a few years ago cars circulated, today we can only see pedestrians and cyclists. It is one of the bridges that already existed and have been refurbished.
  • Green Y-bridge. One of the new bridges built and that stands out for its Y structure. One of the most beautiful in the park.
  • Arganzuela Bridge. With its 274 meters in length, it is the largest bridge in the park, also newly built. It is made up of two conical sections connected by a hill that leads down to the Arganzuela Park.
  • Twin bridges of the Greenhouse and the Matadero. These newly built bridges have their greatest attraction in the vaulted ceiling where residents of the area are represented with recycled glass mosaics.
  • Urban Beach. Without a doubt, one of the most popular places in the park. It is made up of 3 oval water surfaces with different effects: a sheet of water, jets of different heights and a cloud of water spray.
  • Viewpoints. Throughout the park you can find different viewpoints where you can enjoy wonderful views of both the park and different areas of the city. These are the viewpoints of San Vicente, Puente de Segovia, Puente de Arganzuela and Mirador del Sur.

The Urban Beach of Madrid Río

Madrid RioThe peculiarities of the urban beach deserve a separate chapter. We will talk about the running sequence of the beach.

The sheets of water have 3 ornamental effects: flooding, jets and spraying.

Each slide and each effect has its own duty cycle so you’ll never see the same thing every time you’re there.

The duration of the cycles is 30 minutes for the flood, 12 for the spray and 33 for the jets. In addition, it is not the same in summer as in winter since the cycles also change.

In summer there are several cycles whose total duration is 183 minutes and in winter it is 96 minutes. The time is 15 minutes out of phase between the 3 zones so as not to have the same effect at the same time. You can admire the beach from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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