The Karnak Temple. The largest in Egypt

Located in the city of Luxor, ancient Thebes, the Karnak Temple is the largest in Egypt and is actually made up of several temples and a sacred lake.

The temples that we can find are that of Amón, which is the largest and the main one, Ptah, Jonsu and Opet. It was built by various pharaohs over 2,000 years and was linked to the Luxor Temple by the great Avenue of the Sphinxes.

We recommend you take this guided tour of the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak, in which you will discover both temples in depth and you will know them like no one else.

The Enclosure of Amun at Karnak Temple

Egypt - Karnak Temple

The visit to the Karnak Temple is essential if you go to Luxor and is included in all the organized circuits together with the neighboring Luxor Temple.

The most important Great Temple of Amun in the Karnak precinct.

The dimensions that all the elements reach in this place are spectacular, especially the columns of the hypostyle hall, making it a place that will leave you fascinated.

The main points of interest of the Temple are the following:

  • Pylons and first patio. At the end of the Avenue of the Sphinxes we find the gigantic first pylon, which is 113 meters long and 15 meters deep and has no decoration. Behind it we find the first courtyard, the largest in Egypt as it has 8,000 square meters and columns on both sides. On the right side is the Temple of Ramses III and in the background the second pylon where there is a statue of Ramses II made of pink granite although there used to be 2 of them.
  • Egypt - Karnak Temple - ObeliskHypostyle Hall. Behind the second pylon is the most spectacular room in the temple and in all of Egypt. The hypostyle hall is 102×53 meters with 134 columns that supported a ceiling that has now disappeared. The central columns measure 23 meters in height and 15 meters in circumference while the lateral columns are slightly smaller. It is hard to imagine how they managed to build those gigantic columns and the roof. For that reason they call it the “Stone Forest”. Behind the hypostyle hall we find several patios and two other pylons with various chapels.
  • Obelisks. They are 23 meters high and there were originally four.
  • Sanctuary of the Sacred Boat. In this room of 15×6 meters the boats of the Theban triad were placed.
  • Festive Temple of Thutmose III. Formed by 10 columns in 2 rows and with various rooms and chapels.
  • Sanctuary of Amun-Ra. With the alabaster naos and two statues sitting back to back.
  • sacred lake. Next to it is the sacred scarab which, according to an ancient ritual, must be turned around three times for good luck.

Useful information

Egypt - Karnak Temple - InteriorTo get to the Karnak temple if you do not have it included in your organized trip you can use the taxi, which will not cost you much. You can agree with the taxi driver to also take you to the Luxor temple and the different points of interest that are in the surroundings.

The Karnak Temple can be visited from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and costs about 65 LE. Also, at the temple they put on a sound and light show every night which costs 100LE. In Spanish they are Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 p.m.

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