How to visit the Archaeological Park of Segóbriga. Journey to the Roman Empire

In the province of Cuenca we find one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Iberian Peninsula, Segóbriga, whose archaeological park is a very interesting visit that will take you back in time almost 2000 years.

The city of Segóbriga reached its maximum splendor between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD It reached its economic peak thanks to the lapis specularis mines, the plaster that was used to close windows until in the 4th century it began to fall into abandonment, moving its population little by little to the town of Saélices after the Reconquest.

The visit to the Segóbriga Archaeological Park is of great interest to the whole family and is highly recommended.

What to see in the Segóbriga Archaeological Park

Segóbriga - Roman AmphitheaterThe tour of Segóbriga begins in the same building where the ticket offices are located thanks to the interpretation center where you can learn about the history of the city and the life of the Romans in this place.

From there, a path starts that takes you to the Aqueduct and the Necropolis, where we can see several tombs of Roman origin, although they were used until the 7th century, already in the Visigoth period. After the path, an ascent begins to where the old city of Segóbriga was located, on top of the hill Cabeza del Griego.

In the ruins of the old city, the first thing we find is the Amphitheater, very well preserved, elliptical in shape and 75 meters long, which makes it the largest monument in Segóbriga. It is easy to imagine the Amphitheater with 5,500 people watching its shows and be amazed by the fantastic acoustics it presents.

From there we can go up to the Roman Theatre, one of the smallest in the Iberian Peninsula but with great charm. The stands and the orchestra are preserved, although unfortunately the stage front has almost completely disappeared.

The Roman Forum is another of the places that we can visit in Segóbrica. It was the main square of the city and the political and social life of its inhabitants took place there. You can admire the walls and columns that surrounded the square as well as the Cryptoporticus that served to support one of the square’s porticos.

A few meters away we can admire the Baths of the Theater, of which the ticket office room, the saunas and the oven are preserved, the Monumental Baths, the Basilical Hall, which was accessed through a large staircase, and the remains of the Walls.

From there we can return to the entrance to the enclosure but we will do it by the path on the left that takes us first to the remains of what was the Circus, here we really must use our imagination, and the Visigothic Basilica, the first building excavated in Segóbriga whose ruins offer you an idea of ​​the greatness that building must have had.

You can find more information on the official website of the Segóbriga Archaeological Park.

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