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The music of Honduras is very varied. Punta is the main rhythm of Honduras with other sounds such as Caribbean salsa, merengue, reggae and reggaeton, all of them very widespread, especially in the north, even the Mexican rancheras that are heard in the interior of the rural part of the country.. Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, is an important center for modern Honduran music, and is home to the National School of Fine Arts, located in Comayagüela. There is also a National Symphony Orchestra of Honduras.

Honduran folk music is played with the guitar, marimba, and other instruments. Popular folk songs include La ceiba and Candú.

Honduras music song charts

Spotify Playlists

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(LIST) Mix of music from Honduras

(TOP-10) Honduran typical, traditional, folk music

Other playlists to enjoy Honduran songs are the following:

Youtube videos

You can enjoy hours of music from Honduras on Youtube. Here is a compilation of the best songs.

(LIST) Mix punta ranche and computation

(LIST) Contemporary songs

(TOP-7) Artists from Honduras

The songs of the most popular Honduran artists on YouTube.

(TOP-5) Mix videos (>20 min.)

Compilation videos of typical country music, with a minimum duration of 20 minutes.

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